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Worlds Best Pick Up Lines

These are the worlds best pick up lines. They are some of the funniest, dirtiest and wildest pickup lines you will ever hear. Just remember to use your discretion when picking which line to use.

Hi, I’m [your name]
(This is probably the worlds greatest pick up line. As long as you are relaxed and not fidgeting and are able to hold eye contact with the girl you tell it to, you will get her attracted to you. If you are still looking for more chat up lines, then read on.)

Are you a snake charmer? Her: No! You: Well you are making my snake dance. It’s like you have given him life!

What’s the only difference between me and Brad Pitt? Her: I don’t know. You: I’m here and Brad Pitt is not. So what do you say baby, wanna dance?

Do you want to dance? Her: No! You: Good, me neither, lets talk, I’m [your name].

You certainly are hot, but what else have you got going for you?

I hope that you like bacon. Her: Well, yeah. You: Good, do you wanna strip?

Hey baby, you wanna get pregnant?

Say no if you want sex.

I make porn movies and I could make you a star, but first I’m going to have to test you out

Man you should be here, this is really unfair. Her: What? Why? You: Well you are making all the other girls in here look bad with your good looks.

If you think I look hot in these clothes, then you should see me when I am wearing nothing at all.

If I buy the condoms will you have sex with me? Her: No! You: Okay, fine. I get it, you are a feminist. You can buy the condoms.

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