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Where to meet Girls


Trying to figure out where to meet girls? Read the 9 best places here

where to meet girl, pick up women, dating tips1. High end clubs and bars. The girls in high end clubs and bars tend to be the hottest you will find in large groupings. While the girls you find in high end clubs and bars tend to extremely beautiful, they often times are very ‘value’ orientated. That means that what attracts them most is guys of high value. Not necessarily the best looking guy or the most fun guy. The girls found in high end bars and clubs are attracted to the guys who are in the best social circles and who have other girls in the club chasing after them.

As a result, many guys may think that these girls are very shallow, when in actual fact these girls are just attracted to a very specific type of guy. The ‘high value guy’ described above.

2. Regular clubs and bars. The girls you find in regular clubs and bars tend to be good looking but not as beautiful as the girls you find in high end clubs and bars.

These girls usually have a more down to earth personality than the women in high end bars and clubs. Being a fun guy is something that works very well when attracting these girls. A nice thing about these girls is that they are often more relaxed, less image conscious and less highly strung.

3. Coffee Shops and restaurants. Meeting women in coffee shops is great because they are not expecting it. This works on 2 levels.

-Most girls dream of meeting their boyfriend or husband in a non bar/club setting.

-Girls will not be expecting anyone to chat them up or flirt with them in a coffee shop or restaurant and so will be less ‘defensive’ than in a club or bar.

4. Bookstore. Bookstores are a fantastic place to meet women as you can automatically choose sections that interest you. That way you already have a common interest with a girl you meet in your favorite sections of the bookstore.

Another great thing is that most bookstores have in house coffee shops, so if you 2 do hit it off, you can grab a coffee close by.

5. The Gym and fitness classes. The gym is an good place to meet women.

Avoid girls that are on cardio machines as they are often out of breath and moving a lot-something that makes conversations very difficult.

gym, dating girls, attracting womenGirls stretching or on weights machines are far easier.

If you do see a girl you like on a machine you like, ask if you can work in. That way you can make conversation while you’re both resting (or if you want to start flirting, put the weight pin at the very bottom of the pile when you finish and make a joke about how weak she is!).

Fitness classes are great, provided you actually enjoy the activity you are doing. Do not be the creepy guy in the yoga class hitting on every girl!

6. Parties. If you want to know where to meet girls, then one of the best places is at parties. A lot of people know each other, and if you don’t already know a girl, just say ,”Hi” and introduce yourself. It is rude for a girl to be unfriendly to you at a party.

If you already know a lot of people at the party, then fantastic it will make you look more attractive to girls that see you there.

House parties are the best for meeting girls. Black tie events are good but house parties are far better as people tend to be a little more relaxed.

7. Concerts. The great thing about concerts if you are trying to figure out where to meet girls, is that you have an automatic talking point built into the conversation……The Band!

So if you both really like the band, then awesome you already have a connection.

8. Work Events. Yes, work events suck and they are boring. They are not the first place someone might think of when figuring out where to meet women.

But this is perfect. Most women will be really bored, which makes it simple to be the most fun guy at a dull conference or event.

All you have to do is make a joke about how boring or dull the event is.

(Top Tip: if she doesn’t find it funny she is probably not worth considering!)

9. On the Street. That’s right, you can meet girls on the street. It may not pop into your head as the most obvious place when figuring out where to meet girls, but if you live in a big city, then you are sitting on a potential gold mine. The most important thing to realize when meeting girls on the street is that sometimes they will be a little freaked out that some random guy stopped them on the street. But that’s cool, just stay relaxed, apologize if she seems uncomfortable and then just keep talking to her.

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