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What Women want to Hear


You might like to think that what women want to hear is you telling them how great they are. This might sound like a good idea, but there are a few things you should know.

Be genuine

what women want to hear, what women want, listeningSure, what girls want you to tell them is how amazing they are, how beautiful they are and how much you want to be with them. Unfortunately, if you do not believe what you are saying, then she will be able to tell. Maybe not initially, but as your lies and half-truths go on, she will eventually realize that what you are saying is not exactly true. Instead, you need to be genuine. This is what women really want to hear. Think about how your mom will always tell you how you played well for your sports team after every match or competition. Now think about your dad and how he would only tell you that you played well for your team if you really did play well. It means so much more coming from your dad because you did play well and it’s genuine.

This is how do you must treat girls. You need to be genuine. This really is what women want to hear. So if they look more beautiful than normal, then tell them. But the same is not true in reverse. If they look worse than usual, there is no need to tell them. Just keep quiet!

There is no need to solve all their problems

Most guys are very logical in their thinking while most girls are more emotional in their thinking. This is just a generalization but is true for the most part. Think about the last time you saw a man crying. You hardly ever see men crying, but you will see women crying much more often.

With this in mind, most guys want to solve problems, be it their problems or someone else’s. So when a woman comes to them with a problem, they always feel the need to find a solution and fix it as quick as possible. Unfortunately however, a lot of the time, what women really want to hear is not a solution. A lot of the time, all women want is for their man to listen. This is what so many chat shows like “The View” are so popular with women. It’s because what women want is often to discuss the problem without necessarily finding a solution. They just want to talk about it and want someone [you] to listen. Often what women want to hear in these situations, is for you to ask them things like “How did that make you feel?”, “Do you find that it affects you much?” or for you just to simply say, “I understand”. This is what women really want to hear.

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