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What Women want in Bed

So you think you know what women want in bed? Click here to see what they really like in bed

Remember girls are different creatures to guys

Think of men as light switches and girls as volume dials

❁ A man can be aroused and then lose that arousal very quickly (just as a light switch can be turned on and off)

❁ A woman is slower. She has to be gradually aroused to really enjoy herself (just like a volume dial is gradually turned upwards and downwards).

So with this in mind, what do women want in bed?

They need to be warmed up. That’s right foreplay then intercourse afterwards. This can take 2 forms. Physical foreplay and conversational foreplay. 

Physical Foreplay

This involves touching her and how close you are next to her. Areas on a girls body to touch during the day are: the inside of the elbow, the neck, back of the knee, her legs, arms and hands. Make sure to keep the touching light and playful. It can be a thrilling experience for a girl to be with guy who is teasingly touching her throughout the day, without any serious, heavy touching ever taking place. Just make sure you are discreet.

As you move to a more private location, you can increase your physical touching to include the rest of her body.

The most important thing to keep in mind the entire time,

“Go slow”

Something very powerful that men do not regularly practice is Hot/Cold.That is to gradually increase the amount of physical touching taking place(Hot), then removing it completely(Cold) and just start kissing her or talking to her. This makes the foreplay that much more compelling and although it is not often spoken about, it is something women really want in bed.

People often ask what specifically they should do?

First up, one of the most important things that women want in bed is to make sure you respect the woman’s boundaries and make sure she is comfortable at all times.

Once in a private setting such as the bedroom, you will usually by sitting together on the bed or by standing up together.

It is the man’s responsibility to lead the foreplay, do not expect the woman to initiate it! But make sure you stop if she says “Stop!” otherwise you are breaking the law.

Start with kissing (do not give her the machine washer with your tongue! This is definitely not what women want in bed) and softly caress her body. Sometimes even at this early stage it’s good to try Hot/Cold

❁ Do not go straight for the breasts or between the legs.

It’s much more enjoyable to tease the woman by stroking around them first

Provided she is comfortable, you can start removing her clothes and start caressing her body further. Again remember to make sure she is comfortable throughout.

Once you can tell that she is getting quite turned on, start progressing further. Start massaging her inner thigh but try to stay away from directly between her legs, except for very light, short touches.

Once you can see that she is ready for you it’s time to progress to actually having intercourse.

❁ Make sure there are condoms close by as rummaging around in a drawer will seriously kill the mood.

When you do finally enter her, try not not be a one minute wonder. What women want in bed is someone who can provide a range of different feelings. Not some guy who just gets the job done as quick as possible! This might be what men want in bed but is definitely not what women want in bed!

❁ Remember that variety is the spice of life. Try to mix things up in the bedroom to prevent things from getting stale and boring

Conversatinal Foreplay

Something many men do not realize is that foreplay is not necessarily just a physical thing. Women really like a guy with good ‘game’. Someone who can make them feel special and sexy just from what he is saying. Think James Bond, not Napoleon Dynamite.

How can you do this as a man?

->By teasing her like you would if she was your little sister, but doing it just a little.

->By not getting overly excited when the conversation turns naughty.

->By telling her about exciting things you do in your life (no girl wants to imagine the guy they’re with as the computer programmer from cubicle 7G).

->By leading the conversation and not desperately trying to talk about what’s going to happen later in the evening. For some great pointers, check out the

So as you might have guessed, foreplay is what women want in bed and makes your dating life a lot more enjoyable.

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