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What to say to Girls


You may be nervous or completely unsure of what to say to girls you like. Luckily this guide will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to say in order to attract them and have them like you.

First Relax

Before we even get to the specifics of what you should say to girls, it’s important to calm down, relax and realise that appearing overly nervous is probably the least attractive thing you can be doing when around a girl you like. Before you start talking to her you need to take a few breaths and make sure that you have no nervous ticks that may distract her.

You may have heard the statistic quoted by the very famous dating coach, David DeAngelo that 93% of all communication is non verbal. That means that when you are talking to a girl, you have to understand that WHAT you are saying to her is not nearly as important as how you are saying it.

This means that you have to get rid of all your nervous ticks and twitches while talking to her, as well as standing tall, keeping your back straight and making sure you project your voice so that you don’t sound like a mouse!

What to actually say to a girl you like

So like we discussed above, the words aren’t nearly as important as how you act and hold yourself. But if you want to end up dating the girl you like, it’s still very important to have something good to say.

The best things to talk about with a girl are anything that is light, fun and interesting. The worst thing you can do is to shoot yourself in the foot right at the beginning of a conversation and ask a girl for the time or, “Do you come here often?”

Instead your best bet is to say something like:

“Oh my god, I was totally going to wear that dress tonight!”

“Hey your cute, how come I haven’t met you before?”

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So these are just two chat up lines you could use to start talking to girls. Remember the important thing is the delivery, how you say them. If you are looking at your feet or shaking and sweating nervously then the will not work. But if you can look her in the eye with a slight smile on you face and deliver them smoothly, then you are halfway on your way to chatting her up. Check out the Pick Up Artist Guide for more great tips.

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