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What Men want in Bed

Sex! But seriously, once you know what men want in bed, what they really want (this article is being written by a man BTW!), you’ll know how to keep a fulfilling and fun sex life with your guy. Follow these 5 top tips to spice things up in the bedroom. Click here to learn what men really want in the bedroom.

Born to be Bad

Maybe you are in a nice comfortable relationship with your man. The sex may be average. There’s nothing bad happening but it might not exactly be the ride of you life either. A great way to bring the spark back into the relationship is to spice it up by being a bit of a bad girl. Just like lots of girls fantasize about bad boys, guys do the same. They want to be with a girl who is wild in bed, someone who really loves sex and shows it.

Specific things you can do to bring out your wild side are:

Grab his back, bum, shoulders and arms during sex. Grab them hard and don’t be afraid to sink your nails in a little bit.

Gently use your teeth to bite his skin.

Pull the back of his hair.

Dirty Talk

Often what men want in bed is for a girl to talk to them, to give them feedback on how they are doing. “Faster”, “slower”, “harder”, “deeper” are all things men like to hear in bed. These things turn guys on for two reasons:

1)    It boosts their egos. To have a girl scream in pleasure, “harder, harder” makes a man feel like he is doing his job properly
2)    It teaches them! That’s right by telling a man what feels good and what feels bad in bed, you will make him perform better each time.

Make it look good

Men are visual creatures; what they see turns them on. This is why pornography is such a big business. What men want in bed is to be able to see what is happening. Most of the time, they want the lights on and they want to see you! They want to see your face, boobs and butt. This is highly arousing to men.


what men want in bed, dating tips, sex, rupert everett Just like you sometimes fantasize about being with other men or in other places during sex, so does your man. Giving him that fantasy is highly powerful. The key to this is talking to your man and finding out what he likes or what he wants. The best way to do this is to go first: that is to mention something you want to do in bed first or something that you want to try. It doesn’t have to be totally wild or over the top (the whole idea is to show him that you are open to talking about your fantasies which will make him feel more comfortable). See if he is receptive to making it a reality. If he is, then ask him what he wants to try.

Be Aggressive

Often guys get tired of being the aggressive one or the one who always instigates sex. A lot of girls don’t realize that what men really want in bed is to be desired by their partner. They want their girlfriend to seduce them. They want to feel like she is overcome with desire and she has to have you. This is massively seductive to men as it boosts their ego.

If you are afraid of boring your man in the bedroom, then I highly suggest you check out this book, I gave it to my girlfriend and ever since, things have been ‘spicy’ in the bedroom.

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