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What Men want in a Woman


what men want in a woman, marriage, love, datingWhat men want in a Woman is not what you might think. Men do want to sleep with ‘hot’ girls. It is a fairly well known fact. Sorry if that came as a shock to you.

What a lot of girls don’t understand is that guys do not want to spend time with airheads no matter how hot they are. They want to spend time with women they connect with. This article is going to focus on the 2 major points for getting and keeping a guy.
  • How to maximize your looks (the outer you)
  • How to build a connection with a guy (the inner you)

Maximize your looks

There is no easy way to say this, so I’ll be straight up. Looks do count when it comes to attracting guys. Guys are sexually attracted to girls with clear skin, who dress well, have long legs and have a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 (yes that is scientific and kind of crazy, but studies have shown it to be true).

So, you need to either get clearer skin by either drinking more water and eating less greasy food or by using a good concealer. Just try not to wear really heavy make up, most guys don’t like it.

Dressing well is the fun part. You need to get a friend you really trust. Someone who will tell you whether or not clothes fit you properly. Bring her shopping to help you find clothes that help hide your worst bits and show your best parts.

Getting fit is just as important. What men want in a woman, are girls with slim figures but they are not attracted to skinny girls. So keep that in mind. Losing weight is great, but not being toned is terrible. What men want in a woman is a firm bum and breasts, not a skinny girl with no assets. So do go to the gym or play sports to stay fit, but don’t worry about being a size 4.

How to build a connection with a guy

Building a connection with a guy is more important than being really good looking if you want a relationship with him. Guys will get bored really easy with a girl who is all looks but a total bore to be around. What men want in a woman is a great connection. So how do you go about building a connection with him?

Find commonalitieswhat men want in a woman, dating tips, hot girl, horse

This may be obvious, but finding commonalities with a guy is the first and most important thing you can do when starting to build a connection with him.

Do you both like the same movie, hate the same celebrity, love a certain food, despise the same sports team? To find out you can do two things.
  • Make a statement about how you love a song or how something reminds you about a movie you like.
  • Ask what he does when he’s not hanging out with you?
When you find out what your shared interests are, talk about them. It’s that simple.

Note: This is something you should never fake. What men want in a woman is honesty; so don’t pretend you like something just to build a connection. It’s fake and he will sense it and lose trust in you

Create ‘your world’

To make a connection with a guy stronger, you need to create a ‘your world’ dynamic between the 2 of you. Think of it as creating a conspiracy where only you 2 know what’s going on.

A great way to start this off is through ‘people watching’. If you 2 just met in a bar, tell him how funny it is seeing guys trying to pick up chicks in the bar and start pointing out guys approaching girls to him. Then start guessing what they are saying to each other. This helps to create the ‘your world’ dynamic that will deepen the connection.

Other things to help create ‘your world’ are to jokingly judge other peoples funny behavior when you are hanging out. So if you are at a bar, start joking about how you think the barman is a serial killer because he has loads of tattoos and looks like some guy you saw on TV or something ridiculous like how you think your waiter may be gay.

This may sound mean, but you don’t really believe these things. You are just joking around, pretending you and the guy you are with are the only people that know about the waiter possibly being gay or the barman being a serial killer. There is no need to be serious; this needs to be done in a joking way.

Listening and offering advice

Sometimes a guy you are with will come to you with a problem. This is a good sign. Just remember that guys are a little different to girls, they don’t just want someone to listen to their problems. They want a solution. So if you have a good solution for him, do give it. Do not just give him some crappy feel good advice. This is not what men want in a woman.

They really want to solve their problems if they come to you looking for advice. So if you can’t help them, then at least send them in the right direction of where they can find help with their problems.


Just like you don’t want a guy telling all his friends about you two, a man does not want you telling all your friends and family his secrets. So as tempting as you may find it to dish all the gossip to your friends, there’s no need to. You are better off not doing that.

Not only this, but getting a guy to trust you is also key to building a great connection. How do you build trust with a guy? Honesty and backing your actions up with words. That’s means telling the truth and doing what you’ll say you’ll do.

Hope you guys learned something form the article, not only what men want in a women but how to become a more attractive person in general

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