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What Men want from Women


What men want from women, what they want in a girlfriend and what truly attracts them is not actually that complicated. There are two things they look for: 1. The undeniable fact is that yes, guys prefer good-looking women. 2. The other thing men look for in women is how the girl they are with makes them feel.

Looking your best

what men want from women, what men want, princess porcelin, dating tips Like we just said previously, men do prefer good-looking women. So if you are serious about finding the man of your dreams and truly do want to know what men want from women, then read on. There are a few simple things that you need to keep in mind for looking your best. Firstly, make sure that you are fit and healthy, but don’t take that as meaning that you should be skinny. Just because your friends are dieting doesn’t men that you should start dieting. Guys actually do like curves, they like a nice bum and hips. Don’t worry if you are carrying a few extra pounds provided that you do stay healthy, toned and fit.

As well as being healthy, it’s also important to wear clothes that accent your good features and you feel comfortable in. This will help you to be more relaxed and calm when you are around guys you like. The same goes for makeup. Wear makeup that accents your best features and conceals any blemishes. And keep in mind that less is more. Think about it, most guys want to go out with a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but still looks good.

How you make him feel

While looking your best is certainly important for attracting guys, especially in the early stages of dating/courtship/relationships, how you make him feel is what men really want from you as your relationship progress is. Giving a man good emotions or more accurately, positive emotions when you are around him is critical if you want him to stick around as it sets off a positive feedback loop whereby he associates positive emotions and feeling good with you.

what men want from women, what men really want, loving kiss In this respect, what men want from women is a little different than what women want from men. Many women prefer to experience a range of emotions when dating a guy. From excitement to intrigue to fear to surprise. Men actually prefer mostly positive emotions and avoiding the extremes of emotion.

Many dating sites may advise you that making a man jealous or a little insecure will make him want you much more. This is completely true BUT, and it’s a big but, making a man insecure and jealous will also make him distrust you and possibly resent you, something you certainty don’t want in a long-term relationship.

The key to making a man want and desire you while not giving him bad emotions or making him feel insecure is variation. Instead of doing the same thing for him over and over again, you need to alternate the things you do for him. So if you call him everyday, don’t call him one day, then maybe call him twice the next day.

This would keep him stimulated when he is around you and will get your guy associating positive emotions with being around you. Just remember the key is variation. So doing things like making him his favorite meal, kissing him where he really likes to be kissed, taking him to this favorite bar or dressing up really sexy for him is great but doing these things every day will make your boyfriend grow bored of you quickly. So that’s it, that’s what men really want from women.

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