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What Men find Attractive


Many women struggle with figuring out what men find attractive. When you ask guys, they’ll always say that looks are important. Let’s be honest then girls, looks do count when it comes to attracting men………BUT (and it’s a big BUT) there is a lot more than looks if you want to keep any man that you really care about it.

So before we get into the main tips you can use right now to increase your attractiveness to men, please remember that yes, your appearance certainly does matter, but looks alone won’t keep men around in your life.


Many girls fail to realize that men are massively attracted to women that they can’t have or control. This is super important. Read that sentence again to make sure you remember it.

Sure, guys might tell you that they want a girl who is loyal and sticks around. But just ask any girl that is super loyal and does stick around their boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) and they will all tell you the same thing. Guys don’t respect girls who act like their personal lap dogs. They might like it for a while, especially at the beginning but soon they will get bored and start looking for another girl.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be loyal. You should be loyal, but you also need to understand that by being independent you are showing your man that if he ever steps out of line, you have no problem continuing on with your life without him, as you have so many other things going on.

Be Fun

Ask any guy, “What do men find attractive?” and they will tell you that a fun girl with a sense of humour is very important. It’s a factor that is near the top of every guy’s list when looking for a girlfriend.

So being a fun person, who isn’t afraid to joke around and have some banter is good. But the best type of ‘fun’ that men find attractive is to be flirty. That is to be the kind of girl who can tease and poke fun at guys in a playful (not hateful way).

The kind of fun person you want to avoid being is the ‘party girl’. This is the kind of girl who HAS to be the centre of attention. These are the kinds of girls who wear trashy/skimpy/slutty clothes and appear to be very sexual (even if they’re not).  This is not what men find attractive.

Sometimes the line can be quite fine, but try and make sure you are not seen as the ‘party girl’ but are seen as a fun girl.

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