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What do Women find Attractive?


Asking yourself, what do women find attractive in men may lead you to wonder if it’s the same as [but opposite] to what men find attractive in women. Were we think of what attracts us as men to women the first thing that springs to mind is beauty. The most attractive thing to men is beauty. That’s why there’s such a market for visual images of women.

Fortunately being beautiful as a manis not much of a factor when it comes to attracting women. Being good-looking certainly helps for guys if they’re trying to pick up girls but there are far more factors and variables which we’ll discuss below. The main thing to remember is that personality is far more important than looks ever will be. We will now discuss which aspects of your personality are most important.


Humor is a very important and attractive quality that all women look for in a man. Ask any woman, what’s the most important quality a man should possess and most likely they will say a good sense of humor.

However there are a few very important distinctions to make in relation to humor. Slapstick and goofy humor, or consistently looking for a reaction out of people is not attractive to girls. This is just attention seeking behavior. However the two main types of humor that girls find attractive are teasing humor and humor that makes people have more fun. Another way of looking at teasing humor is to think about how to you joke which are little sister. You may say teasing/bantering things like, “Maybe I should get my friend to help you buy some nice clothes”, or other similar silly remarks that poke fun but don’t really offend people. This type of humor is flirting. The other type of humor that makes people have fun is when you make jokes are quick quips about other places or things that get people laughing and having a good time without relying on their laughter to make yourself feel good.

The main thing to remember is not to overdo it. Try not to make every single thing that comes out of your mouth a joke.

Not putting up with bad behaviour and having high standards

Many men, when figuring out what do women find attractive start off with the belief that doing whatever a woman asks of them will make her like them. This is not the case. Girls respect men who have standards and don’t put out with crap: this does not mean you should treat girls or anyone badly. However it does mean that you won’t let yourself get treated badly or taken advantage of ever.

Some examples of this: if your girl is always excessively late for dates [more than 20 minutes] then call her out on this in a mature way. If she belittles or demeans you in front of friends, again you need to call her on this.

Ironically girls find guys who have high standards to be very attractive.

Social status

A lot of guys don’t want to hear this but social status is important and attractive to girls. Unfortunately social status is not easily definable. It’s a combination of a few things: where you stand amongst your friends or where you stand in a peer group, what sort of job you have, whether or not you play sports, how many groups of friends do you have and your wealth all add up to your social status.

Women find social status attractive because it allows them to judge a potential partners ability to look after and provide for her and her children. A man with no friends and no money and no influence among his peers can’t provide much to girls. While you can certainly lie about social status, and initially get a girl attracted to you by lying, it can be very difficult to keep the charade up and eventually the girl will find out. The best way to increase your own social status is to make more friends, find a job you love and can excel at and make sure you have high standards. This is crucial when learning what do women find attractive.


what do women find attractive, grooming, clean teethWhile looks aren’t very important at all to girls, how you present yourself is. Looking like a slob is never attractive to girls. Looking after your appearance is the quickest and easiest thing you can do right now to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Make sure you have good dental hygiene, fresh breath, white teeth and good lips. If you do the facial hair make sure that it is trimmed and stylish. Try find a hairstyle in a men’s magazine that suits you, bring it into a good barber shop and pay a little bit extra to get what you want. As for clothes, either get a girl or a gay friend to go shopping with you and help you pick out stylish clothes that fit you.

A man who is comfortable in himself

While learning what do women find attractive, you may have thought that confidence is important. It is. But a better way to describe confidence in relation to attracting girls is to describe it as being comfortable with yourself. This means that you don’t mind the fact that sometimes you may be a little nervous or that you may be a little bit of a nerd. You know you’re, but you don’t care. It is very attractive to girls.

Humor, having standards, social status, grooming and being comfortable with yourself are the core things you need to take care of when learning what do women find attractive. One thing to note though improving yourself your ability to pick up girls under general dating life using these tips takes more than just reading this article on what do women find attractive. You actually have to put this dating advice into action!

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