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What Attracts Women


Do not ask girls what attracts women, they may genuinely try to help, but they’ll give you bad advice! They will say things like, give her compliments, buy her a drink, ask her out to dinner. These are good things to do if the girl is already attracted to you but will make her think that you are a total wussy and loser if she is not attracted to you.

 Instead, you need to understand this simple concept. Attraction is not a choice (credit David DeAngelo). Girls do not get attracted to guys in a logical way. They get attracted emotionally. Think about it like this: when you see a girl on the street with a nice bum, firm breasts, great complexion, beautiful eyes and a great dress sense, do you think: “Hmmm, this girl displays all the traits associated with good breeding”? Or do you just feel drawn to her. You don’t even have to think about it. Your attraction to her is at an unconscious level, right?

99% if men just feel drawn to her. Then can’t properly explain it other than thinking that she’s attractive. Girls get attracted in the same way, only girls subconsciously judge a man’s attractiveness on traits and characteristics that are almost exclusively non-physical. The most important attractive traits to women are:

Social Value/Status

This is probably the most important trait that is attractive to women. Social value is a quick way for girls to determine if you are cool, funny, popular, interesting and a decent person. Women judge your social value and social status by

How many friends you have

What kind of friends are they (Are they losers who play World of Warcraft or guys with interesting hobbies and social lives of their own?)

What do you do with your spare time (Do you have cool hobbies? Do you socialize with fun, exciting people? Or do you sit at home watching The Simpsons?)

How people treat you? (When you are out with friends, are you the butt of their jokes or the centre of attention? Do you get served quickly in your local bar or get regularly refused entry?) How you are treated by others is an indication of your social value or social status. High Social Value or Social Status is the number one trait or characteristic that attracts women.

Providing Good Emotions

Girls want to be around guys who make them feel good about themselves and have fun. They do not want to be around people who constantly bring them down or people who are just plain boring. The guys who crack jokes, tells funny stories and teases others (but not in a mean way) are the guys that girls are drawn to.

Good Grooming

While being good looking is an advantage when it comes to understanding what attracts women, it counts for very little. What is far more important is how you are dressed. Do you have healthy, clean teeth? Do you have a fashionable haircut? Are your clothes hand-me-downs from your brother that are a little bit too small or are they trendy and fashionable? Do your wear nice cologne? All these things add up to you being perceived as more attractive.

How you hold yourself

If you now have good grooming, provide good emotions and have high social value among your friends, then you are almost the complete package. The last and final concept to master is body language. What attracts women is not sloping shoulders and a guy who looks at the floor. This is submissive behaviour. Make sure that you hold your head up high, stick you chest out and relax your shoulders back, while making sure to hold strong eye contact. Once you have this mastered, you will have completed the last step to becoming attractive to women.

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