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What Attracts Men


Want to know what attracts men? Follow these simple steps and soon you will have men falling at your feet.

Look attractive

what attracts men, cute girls, sunflower chick, dating Does this even have to be said? Guys like pretty girls. They like girls that dress well and look healthy. Men don’t lie awake at night and dream about the girl who has no style and is 50 pounds overweight. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but we need to be honest here. Guys prefer women that are well dressed, are athletic looking (that means not overweight and not underweight either). It is also important to try and maintain blemish free skin. If you are having serious problems with your skin, then go and see a dermatologist.

Ok so that may have sounded a little mean, but having talked to loads of guys about what they like in girls we decided that the best way to help was to cut straight to the point.

Challenge him

Ever wonder why men go hiking, climb mountains and do other things that seem like total nonsense? They love challenges. It’s as simple as that. What attracts men in girls is a challenge. It boosts their egos knowing that they completed a difficult task or accomplished something that took a lot of effort. They feel the same psychologically when it comes to dating. They appreciate girls that they have to work for a lot more than girls that are total pushovers.

So to be more challenging to guys there are a few specific things you can do:

If he asks you out on a date say “maybe”. Then only agree to go on one if he promises to make it fun.

Walk away every once in a while during a conversation with him without offering explanation.

Always end conversations on the phone first.

Make sure you always have other guys in your life that are just friends.

Using all these tips to challenge men will make him desire you far more than if you followed him around like a puppy and begged him to be with you. So remember: Being a challenge is attractive to men.

Independent Woman!

what attracts men, ebony and ivory, interracial kissing, how to kiss, dating Everyone has heard the phrases, “Girl Power!” and “Independent Woman”. A lot of people unfortunately believe that being an independent woman means not having a man or having one that you treat badly. This is completely wrong!

Guys prefer independent women because independent women don’t really need a man in their lives. The funny thing is that men see this as a challenge. They want the girl that they can’t have. On top of this, most independent women have their lives together, which is very attractive to men.

An independent woman does not necessarily have to be the girl who runs her own business or is very wealthy. It can be as simple as having your own group of friends and hobbies that you do and don’t want your man intruding into.

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