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Terrible Pick Up Lines

Try to avoid using these terrible pick up lines. But if you feel that you just must use them, then here they are. Maybe you might be better off using a Funny Pickup Line or even checking out the Dating Tips for Guys Section.

“Hey baby, want some nookie?” (don’t forget to wink and look sleazy to make this appear just awful)

“I noticed you across the bar and thought that I should come over and say…….(make sure to pause)Dam you’ve got a fine ass!”

“Hey baby, want to come back to my mom’s basement? It’s where my crib is at.”

“Hi, what’s your name?” Her: “Jenny/Suzie/Cheryl, and you?” You: “Knight Rider!”

“Want to see the backseat in my car?”

“Have you ever had sex with someone because you felt sorry for them?” Her: “Ewwwwww, no?” You: “Would you like to try it out?”

“They call me the knight rider! Wanna know why……and it’s not because I’m stuck in the 80’s!”

“My mom wants me to move out of the basement, can I stay with you?”

“What’s the worst chat up line you have ever heard?…..And don’t say this one!”

“They call me Long John Silver! Want to know why?” Her: Is it because you don’t wash?”

“Your hair smells really nice…….wanna kiss?”

“I’ve been watching you across the bar for quite a while now…….eh, sorry that came out all wrong…..I’ve watched you across the bar and……eh, let me try again………I find you very attractiv…….eh, I don’t know how to put this politely, but what I am trying to say is would you like to have sex?”

“Do you have a gag reflex?”

If you read the all these crap pickup lines you will now know what NOT to say to girls. If you want to know what to say then check out Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist guide.

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