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3 Simple Tips P*rnst*rs Can Teach You

Written with the help of the
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P*rnstars are a strange bunch…

You may not like them.

But, they can teach you a lot about how to please your man. Without any of the sleazy weirdness.

So what specifically can they teach you?

#1 Learn How To Talk Dirty

This is crucial.

While men are certainly visual creatures, there is something very appealing about a girl who can talk dirty.

The free Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter will teach you pretty much everything you need to know, but here are a few quick pointers to talking dirty;

It’s how you say it! So many girls don’t get this. You can literally make anything sexy by how you say it. Think about how Jessica Rabbit talks….everything that comes out of her mouth is very sexy.

It’s more than just words. How you groan is just as exciting to a guy as what you say. And it’s easier to do.

Start off by choosing a few simple things to say. You can practice them alone to get yourself comfortable with saying them.

Things like;

“That feels so good”
“I really love how you feel inside me”
“You’re making me so wet”

These are some really basic lines. If you want the really good stuff, then you should check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.

#2 Men Are Visual Creatures

Men are far more visually aroused than women. Like 100 times more. This is the exact reason why men enjoy pornography more than women. It’s also the reason that Playboy is super popular, while Playgirl was read mostly by gay men (before they shut it down).

So how can you use this to your advantage.

There are a ton of things:
  • -Dressing more provocatively
  • -Making sex a more visual experience (forget about dark, under the covers sex).
  • -How you move (quick and awkward or slow and sensual?)
This is definitely not about acting slutty or sleazy. It’s about accenting what you already have.

Dressing More Provocatively
To dress more provocatively simply means to wear clothes that hug your good features while covering up any bad ones. It doesn’t mean that you need to wear more revealing clothes (although you can), but it does mean that you need to wear more feminine clothes.

Make It More Visual
It also means that you should try to make the act of sex a more visual experience too. You don’t need to have strong lights in your bedroom, but lighting some candles will help set the mood far better than pitch black darkness.

How You Move
How you move is very important. For men there is something incredibly alluring and attractive about a woman who moves effortlessly through a room, who makes slow and deliberate eye contact. But a girl who hesitates and has clunky movements is quite unattractive.

If you want to learn more about dressing more attractively, making sex a more visual experience and how to move more gracefully through a room, then you should definitely check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.

#3 Be Enthusiastic

One common factor that all popular adult entertainers have is enthusiasm. Guys love girls who are enthusiastic about sex.

This is more important than any other factor. Being enthusiastic means
  • -Being interested in trying new things
  • -Taking initiative in the bedroom
  • -Talking Dirty
The free Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter goes into far greater detail on each of these points. It will take you by the hand and show you pretty much everything you need to know to go from zero to hero in the bedroom. Click Here to find out more.
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