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Silly Pick Up Lines


These silly pick up lines are bound to get a giggle from the girl or guy you tell them to. But if you really want some great dating tips, then check out the Dating Tips for Guys or Dating Advice for Women sections.

Silly Pickup Lines

Hey, I want to show you a magic trick, give me the first four digits in your phone number, now give me the rest of them.

You look like you are Canadian, is there any Canadian in you? Would you like some.

So I was just talking to St. Peter, he’s pretty angry. He’s missing an angel, but I’m not going to give you back to him.

I didn’t know you were a janitor. Her: What? You: Well you were amazing at sweeping me off my feet.

How do like your orange juice in the morning? Smooth like me or with bits?

Hey, you look familiar, did you slap me in the face last week?

You’re so hot, I bet your farts smell like roses!

You’re so hot, that global warming only started happening after you were born!

I was thinking about inviting you to the no pants dance…what do you say?

You are the dictionary definition of hot!

My friend is really shy, he wanted me to come over here and ask you if you think I’m hot.

I was thinking of taking you on my honeymoon, what do you say babe?

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