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Signs of Flirting


Learn these signs of flirting and you will always know if someone is trying to chat you up or flirt with you.

Smiling in your presence

If someone is attracted to you and likes you then they will always be smiling in your presence. People who like you feel good when you are around and so can’t help smiling when they are in your presence

Laughing at your jokes (even when they aren’t funny)
If someone is attracted to you, they will be laughing at all your jokes even if some aren’t that funny. Make sure to look out for this when you are wondering if someone is flirting with you.

Friendly teasing

This is the number one sign that someone is flirting with you. People who tease others in a friendly way are definitely flirting even if they deny it. Friendly teasing is saying something a little mean but in a joking way. For example they might say,

“Cool shoes, I’m guessing your mom bought you those.”
“Maybe we should hang, I could bring you shopping and pick you out some clothes that fit.”

These two sentences may sound mean if you said them very deadpan and seriously, but when said in a joking way with a smile on your face, the are great examples of flirting and friendly teasing.


This is the most obvious sign that someone is flirting with you. When someone touches you just once or twice, it’s not a major sign that someone is flirting with you, but if you find that they are touching more regularly then it’s a sure sign that they are a flirter. So remember that if you want to flirt with someone, make sure to touch them.

The Eyes have the Answer

If someone is flirting with you they will constantly making eye contact with you even when you aren’t talking to them. If you notice that they make eye contact with you and then quickly look away (and blush) this is a clear indicator that they are attracted to you.

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