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Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Looking for the signs of a cheating girlfriend can play havoc with your emotions. Is she on me? Isn’t she cheating on me? No one likes to be in the situation where they have to sneak around to check if the girl they are seeing is having sex with other guys. These steps were designed so that you could figure out whether or not your girl is being unfaithful or you are just being paranoid.

Cheating Girlfriend Sign 1: She’s overly defensive

If you casually ask her what she got up to last night when she went out without you, does she get super defensive and say, “Nothing, it’s none of your business” or does she tell you about her night? Girls who are super defensive have something to hide. Be wary of these women, they can’t be trusted.

Cheater Sign 2: She becomes hyper-protective of her phone and computer

 If you girlfriend is being adulterous then she obviously won’t want you to find out about her other men. The easiest way to find out what she has been up to is to check her phone or computer, the devices that she would use to communicate with other potential guys. She knows this too, so she will become super protective of them.

Have you noticed that your girlfriend has suddenly started leaving the room whenever she gets a phone call and acts flustered when you ask who it was? Does she quickly close browser windows or turn off her computer when you walk over to see her? Why would she not want you to see what she’s up to on her computer? These are classic signs of a cheating girlfriend as she is trying to conceal her unfaithfulness.

Cheating Girlfriend Sign 3: She spends more time than usual getting ready

signs of a cheating girlfriend, cheater, unfaithful, dating If you live with your girlfriend or just spend a lot of time with her, have you noticed recently that she spends more time getting ready than usual? She spends more time doing her make up and picking out clothes and has suddenly started going to the gym. These are all classic signs of a cheating girlfriend. It’s a well known fact that when a girl gets into a relationship, she will slowly care less about her appearance, but when she’s single, she takes care of herself way better. If your girlfriend has started taking care of herself more than usual it may be a sign that your girlfriend is cheating or she is planning to dump you.

Cheating Girlfriend Sign 4:She’ll make excuses not to have sex

Girls who are cheating on you now get their sexual satisfaction from other men. That’s one of the main reasons they are cheating after all. So they will see little reason to keep having sex with you if they are getting it from another man. As a result you may notice that often she wants to go to sleep instead of ‘getting jiggy’ with you, another sign of a cheating girlfriend.

Unfaithful Girlfriend Sign 5: Less time spent with you

Women don’t just need men for sex; they need them for emotional stimulation too. If a girl is spending less and less time with you then she may be getting her emotional stimulation elsewhere, from another man.

Unfaithful Girlfriend Sign 6: She is looking for excuses to fight

If a girl is seeing another man, she my also be thinking of breaking up with you. If she is, then she will be looking for excuses to initiate the break up. By getting into a fight with you, she may even be able to make you feel that it was your fault she broke up with you. Girls that suddenly become argumentative could definitely be cheaters.

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