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Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend


Are you loosing trust in your man? Use these 5 signs of a cheating boyfriend to uncover the truth and discover if your guy is seeing other girls.

1. Lack of closeness

If you suspect that your man is cheating, then a lack of intimacy is the number one sign of infidelity. Dividing his attention between you and other women will obviously mean less time for him to be intimate with you. You will notice that he is not as touchy-feely as before.

2. Phone problems

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When a guy is unfaithful, he doesn’t want to get caught by you. This will lead him to be very protective of his phone. He doesn’t want to let you near it in case you find out what’s going on.

Has he suddenly started using a pin number to lock his phone?

Does he get flustered or go to another room when he gets phone calls in your presence?

Does he send you to voicemail a lot instead of answering your calls?

These are clear cut signs of a cheating boyfriend. You may want to find out why he is being so protective of his phone.

3. Cheaters spend less time with you

Is he spending less and less time with you without reason? If your boyfriend is two-timing you then spending less time with you than usual with no real excuse is a solid indicator of cheating. Sometimes people have to work late or study into the night for school or college. These are real excuses. Saying something like, “I was hanging out with friends again” is not a proper excuse.

4. Unfaithful Men and their Clothes

signs of a cheating boyfriend, cheating, dating, loveOne of the most obvious signs of a cheating boyfriend is if he has a preoccupation with cleaning his clothes. Why would your boyfriend suddenly start keeping his clothes very clean? Simple: If your boyfriend is cheating on you with someone else, he will be afraid that her perfume or make up will be left on his clothes. Is your boyfriend meticulous about washing his clothes? Has he started doing his own laundry?

As well as keeping his clothes very clean, has your man started buying new and trendy clothes (to impress his new girl)?

5. Shower, shower and shower some more

One of the easiest signs of a cheating boyfriend to spot is the number of showers he has and the time when he takes them. If your boyfriend always takes a shower the minute he arrives through the door, then he has something to hide. If he hadn’t just been playing sports, why else would he need a shower? Chances are that he is having an affair with someone else.

6. Gets extremely defensive when you talk about cheating

If he has nothing to hide, then he won’t be defensive. But if he is angry that you brought it up and tries to change the subject or accuses you of cheating, then you may be talking to an unfaithful boyfriend.

7. Computer Shy

If your man is seeing someone else then he may be in contact with her online. Obviously he won’t want you to see what he is up to. But is he more protective of what he does online than normal? Does he quickly close windows or files on the computer as you walk over to him. Has he changed the passwords on his computer all of a sudden?

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