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Signs he is Attracted to you

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If you’ve already read the article, is he attracted to me, you should have a decent idea of when he is attracted to you for more than your looks. Maybe that article left you wondering and wanting certainty over whether or not he likes you for sure. Well there are more signs….What are the signs he is attracted to you? How can you tell if he really likes you?

Here are 8 more signs that he is attracted to you. Just keep in mind that the major signs you should look out for are the ones mentioned in the is he attracted to me article. These following signs are indicators that he likes you, but, do not take them as seriously as the ones in the preivous article.


Does he talk about you when you are not around. Maybe he asked your friends about you, what you like and what you do for fun. If you are on his mind, then he can’t help but talk about you to those around him. It’s one of the biggest signs he is attracted to you to look out for!


When you 2 are together, does he touch you more than you would consider ‘normal’ for 2 friends? Does he touch your hand, legs, neck or back? These are major signs that he likes you.

But maybe he touches you on the elbow when he’s making a point. This is not a big sign that he likes you. A lot of people do this when they are just chatting to someone platonically. So learn to distinguish between the two.

Lets Hang!

Does he always try to arrange for you two to hang out? Does he send text messages, leave messages on your answering machine, post on your facebook wall? If he does it’s obvious that he wants to spend more time together and is a sign he is attracted to you.

Attention Grabber!

Does he try to grab your attention a lot. Does he try and crack funny jokes when you are close to him and watch for your reaction? Guys often try to use humour to attract girls so if you notice him cracking more jokes than you would consider normal, take it as a sign that he likes you.

However, sometimes the guy may happen to be the joker of the group and crack a lot of jokes anyway to make you take this into consideration.

All Ears!

Is he hanging on your every word? Does he listen intently when you are talking? If he does then it is a sign that he is attracted to you.

But if he seems to get distracted easily or worse, wander off when you are talking, then you should take it as a sign that he is not that attracted to you.

Bug eyes!

This can be a tricky one. If you can see that his pupils dialate (that means, does the black part/centre of the eye get bigger) when he’s talking to you?

If they do noticeably get bigger then you can take it as a sign that he is attracted to you. But make sure you take other factors into account. It could be darker by where you are sitting or standing so his pupils may dialate becasue he is trying to get more light into his eye (not because he is necessarily attracted to you (Phew! who would have thought this would become a science class!)

All Smiles!

Does he smile at you when you are together? Does he smile when you walk into a room? If he does then it is a good sign, but unfortunately can sometimes be a little misleading.

If he is already in a good mood or is a naturally smiley person, then you should discount this sign. But if it normally takes a lot for him to smile, then you should definitely treat this as a good sign.

Best foot forward!

You may still be looking for signs he is attracted to you. If you are both hanging out (especially with other people) and his feet are pointing towards you, it is a sign that he likes you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of girls who agonize over whether or not a guy likes them. You just have to decide whether or not you want to do something about it. Luckily there is something you can do about it. This guy wrote a very simple but powerful book on how to make men fall in love with you. He’s an expert in this area and has appeared on Oprah and in Cosmo. I’ve written a review that you can read by clicking this link.

These 8 signs that he is attracted to you are helpful to look out for when trying to figure out whether or not he really likes you. The first 5, Buzz!, Touchy-Feely!, Lets Hang!, Attention Grabber! and All Ears! are major signs that he is attracted to you. The last 3, Bug Eyes!, All Smiles! and Best Foor Forward! are very minor signs that he likes you.

In other words, treat the first 5 as serious indicators that he likes you and the last 3 and not so serious signs he likes you.

Check out this article, is he attracted to me for an more comprehensive overview and learn more about the signs he is attracted to you.

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