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Sexy Text Messages

These sexy text messages are great for sending to someone that you fancy or like. They are bound to get them excited about you. Just make sure to send them to the right person!

“You’ve been summoned to cupid’s crown court. Charge: Cute Butt. If you are found guilty you will be sentenced to hours of hot, steamy #$%. Now how do plead: Guilt or not guilty?”

“I need you inside me right now. You make everything right…….please come over now and I’ll put you in my mouth…..I just need you know right now….Please I need you now Tylenol.”

“Wanna play a war game?” After she answers “ok” reply with, “Okay, I’ll lie down and you can blow the hell out of me!”

“Hey sexy. Me, you and some strawberries…..what do you say?”

“Want to see a one eyed serpent?”

“The call me the trouser snake! Wanna know why?”

“How about we hang out sometime, just me, you and some beer/champagne!”

“As much as I like sexy texting, we are not getting much of a chance to hang out, so what do say? Let’s go out?”

“Everyone talks about T&A, but I am all about the ass, luckily you’ve got a nice one!”

“I want to be on you” then later, “Oh sorry, wrong person…….but I want to be on you too!”

“I’ve waited too long…… I need you to………wash my car…..I hope you weren’t expecting me to say something else!”

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