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9 Sex Tips For Women To Blow His Mind

These sex tips for women will change your life! Seriously.

Not only are they simple and straightforward, but they also actually work. Below we have listed nine of the best sex tips for girls that will help to turn you into a sexual goddess. You will learn everything from how to give a good blow job to how to please him always.

1. Variation

So obvious, but so often forgotten. Variation is the key to keeping your sex life interesting. But what exactly do we mean by variation. It’s simple really. Instead of just using the same sex positions every single night, try something different. Instead of have sex in the same places, try sex in other locations.

To sum up, it’s about the WHEN and the WHERE you have sex.

When: At night time and in the morning is the default time that most couples have sex. A great way to change things up is to grab your man and pull him into the bedroom during the middle of the day. It’s unexpected and it’s fun.

Where: If you usually have sex in the bedroom, then spice things up a bit by having sex somewhere else instead. In the living room, the kitchen or even outside (just make sure that you aren’t breaking any laws).

Variation is a fantastic sex tip for a huge number of reasons. The most important is that it will keep things interesting. It will also get your man wondering when you are next going to have sex. As a result, he will be constantly thinking about you and about sex with you. This is one of the most important sex tips for women that you will read.

2. Men Are Visual Creatures – Use This To Your Advantage

There is a reason that men like porn so much. It’s because they are aroused mostly by what they see. What they hear, smell, touch and taste are much smaller factors when it comes to getting turned on.

So how can you exploit this fact? Easy. It comes down to something as simple as dressing provocatively.

When you are both alone, why not put on something sexy to get his blood rushing. Maybe you could buy some lingerie or instead, you might even consider wearing a really low cut top. The key here is to try out different things until you find something that he really likes.

3. Fast & Slow

Like we explained in one the sex tips for women about using variation to spice things up, another similar technique that also works really well is alternating between fast and slow.

This applies to pretty much everything when it comes to sex. If you are used to having long and slow, gentle sexual intercourse, try having a few quickies.

If you usually give him a very fast and speedy handjob, try experimenting with a much slower handjob.

Alternating between fast and slow is incredibly easy. But one of the great benefits is that it adds a huge amount to your ‘bedroom game’.

4. Change Roles

Changing roles in the bedroom is another of the great sex tips for women. If you are used to being the submissive one, letting your man take charge, then it’s time for a change.

You don’t necessarily need to ask for permission.

It’s much sexier to surprise him. The next time you are in bed with him and things are getting hot, take the lead and get on top of him.

It may feel a little awkward at first. That’s totally normal. But try not to show it. The worst thing you can do is hesitate and start asking him what he wants.

Instead you should just keep moving ahead.

You can start by putting his hands behind his head.

Then start kissing him on his neck.

Slowly move down his body, kissing him as you do until you get to his cock.

5. Surprise

Using surprise is a killer idea for really turning your man on. This could be something as simple as wearing sexy lingerie in bed. Or it could be something a bit more wild like sending him a text telling him to come back to your place immediately for some loving’!

The key for making surprises work is to use them sparingly. If you use them too regularly, then your man is going to quickly get bored.

The key is to use them just enough so that your man is always thinking about you, wondering when the next time you are going to surprise him with something hot.

6. Learn how to give a great blowjob

Most guys will tell you that a good blowjob is like heaven. However a bad blowjob can be a real turnoff. Nothing is worse for a guy than getting a ‘toothy’ blow job.

Every girl can learn how to give good head. The best way to get better at giving a blowjob is to practice. Most men will be happy to ‘help’ you practice!

There are a number of great articles on this site about how to give head to a guy, oral sex tips and how to give deep throat so make sure to check them out.

7. Delay gratification

Delaying gratification is one of the best killer sex tips for women. Most couples get into a routine, which is often a long and slow road to a crummy sex life.

Predictability = Boredom

A great way to prevent predictability is to delay gratification. Instead of just giving in every time your man wants sex, try to delay it a bit.

Don’t say, ‘No’, but instead say, ‘Later’.

**IMPORTANT: If you say ‘Later’, then you must mean it. You risk your man resenting you if you constantly say ‘Later’ but never actually follow through.

8. Communicate

This is not the most obvious of these 9 sex tips for women but it’s crucial if you want to keep your sex life interesting and fulfilling FOR BOTH OF YOU.

Talking about sex with your partner can sometimes be a little awkward. Getting through this awkwardness is totally worth it though.

There are a number of ways to talk about sex with your partner.

> You can tell him what you like while he’s doing it. So if you really like a certain position or a certain thing he does, then let him know while he’s doing it. It’s easy, just say, “That feels really good” or “I really like how you do that”. In most cases, he will figure out that you like what he’s doing.

> Use the ‘Go First’ technique. If your man is a little shy when it comes to sex, then telling him what you like and want to try before he does is a great way to get him to open up. The best time to use the ‘Go First’ technique is right after sex.

Start by telling him how much you enjoyed what he was doing. This encouragement will make him much more comfortable talking about it. Then tell him what you like him doing.

If he is still uncomfortable then try telling him what you would like to try. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. The whole idea is to just get him comfortable talking.

9. Read The Free Bad Girl’s Bible Newsletter

Most people say that this is a no-brainer. If you could get detailed sex tips for women, complete instructions on how to give the perfect blow job and have your questions answered by real sex experts, then what would you say.


While there are more great tips on how to please your man sexually below, you won’t find anything that comes close to the Bad Girl’s Bible for becoming a sexual goddess.

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