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Romantic Pick Up Lines


Using Romantic pick up lines to chat up girls is a smart move. It shows her your intentions up front. She may like you and straight away you which means that you can cut to the chase.

Moving on from your romantic chat up line and into a normal conversation can sometimes be tricky. If you need help on this, then check out these Dating Tips for Guys for what to do after using you a romantic pickup line.
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1. You are absolutely adorable, I just had to come and say hi.

2. Are you as cute on the inside as you are on the outside.

3. Are you made from sugar because you sure do look sweet.

4. Roses are read, violets are blue, and all I can say is that I already love you

5. I’m guessing you’re a long way from home? Her: No You: Oh, heaven must be closer than I thought.

6. I think I lost myself in your eyes. Give me back

7. Would you be mad if I told you that you are beautiful?

8. I’m lost for words at how beautiful you are……Hi!

9. I’m guessing most guys are too intimidated by your beauty to say hi, huh?

10. I pretty sure God had perfection in mind when he created you.

11. Is it tough being this cute?

12. You look like the only girl in here worth talking to. And now were talking, perfect.

13. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw you.

14. I saw you from across the room and you looked beautiful, I had to come and see if there was more to you than meets the eye….is there?

15. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

16. I don’t know you but you’re already driving me crazy!

17.  What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard? And don’t say this one!

18. You’re cute, how come we’ve never met?

19. Are you shy? Her: No! You: Well it’s just that you’ve been ignoring me all night, how come you never came by to say hi? (make sure to smile/smirk when saying this).

20. Hi, I know this is random but I just had to come say hi. You’re too cute and I’d regret not saying hi all day tomorrow.

21. I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be like 2 peas in a pod if we start dating.

22. You’re lucky that I’m cool as ice and you’re hot as hell. Together we can regulate each other.

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