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Romantic Dating Tips


10 Romantic things to do for your loved one

*Just a quick note to you guys and girls before using these romantic dating tips: make sure that both of you are attracted to each other before using any of the following dating advice.

romantic dating tips, i love youIf a girl or guy is already attracted to you and then you do something romantic, you can be happy in the fact that he or she will greatly appreciate it.

However if the guy or girl that you are doing something romantic for is not even attracted to you, then you shouldn’t expect that doing something romantic will make them fall in love with you.

The first 4 romantic dating tips will help get you up to speed with why you need romance when dating and why it should be a spice and not the main course to any relationship. Treat these as general guidelines. The next 6 tips are specific romantic ideas to spice up your love life.

10 Romantic Dating Tips

1. It’s the thought that counts. Being romantic does not necessarily equate to how much money you spend. So if you think that buying someone an expensive necklace or even a car is romantic then think again.

But giving someone a present, no matter how cheap or small that shows you care and put some thought in are far more romantic. So buying a girl one of her favorite flowers is more romantic that buying 12 roses. Or sourcing and buying a guy an out of print book is far more romantic than buying him a crate of beer.

*Remember: It’s the thought that counts

2. Share experiences. One the easiest and best romantic dating tips anyone can give you is to share experiences with your loved one. Especially if those experiences are not something you would regularly do as a couple (so this cuts out watching TV together!).

Things you can do range from going on a long holiday together to even going for a long walk. The two main points to keep in mind are that you need to do something together and you must do something you normally don’t do.

3. Be Spontaneous. Being spontaneous is a crucial romantic dating tip. It is expected that you will be romantic for St. Valentine’s Day, so everybody is. What is far more romantic is preparing your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s favorite meal for them before they arrive home after a hard days work. Or organizing a party or short holiday and surprising them with it.

4. Both men and women prefer to experience varying emotions in a relationship: more varied emotions make for a more fulfilling relationship. So try to remember that when injecting romance into a relationship, it is not the only thing you should be doing. You need to keep the relationship exciting and interesting, not just romantic.

5. Organize a trip to a fun fair or an amusement park together, preferably in the evening. Not only are fun fairs/amusement parks romantic but you both get to experience a range of emotions from fear (ghost house) to excitement (rollercoaster).

6. Cook your partner their favorite meal when you know that they’re stressed or tired. Not only is this romantic, but it shows that you can care for them and want to make them feel better.

7. Indulge in their favorite activities or interests. Nothing says, “I care” as much as getting involved in your partner’s favorite activity. While this may be seen as an unorthodox romantic dating tip, it is still very romantic. It shows your boyfriend or girlfriend that you actually do care about their interests (even if you don’t find them as interesting as they do).

8. Organize a surprise birthday for them. Going through all the effort to contact your significant other’s friends and family for a party in their honor will show them how much you care about them.

9. Tell each other how you felt when you first saw each other.

10. Give them a massage (especially if they are stressed). Just like romantic dating tip #6 this shows them that you care about how they feel and don’t like seeing them worry.

This list of romantic things to do will set you up on the right path to becoming more romantic. Just keep in mind points #1-#4.
  • You need to vary what you do in a relationship.
  • You need to be spontaneous.
  • You need to remember that it’s the thought that counts. 
  • You need to remember that shared experiences are best.
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