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Romantic Conversation Starters


Figuring out the best romantic conversation starters is a fine art when it comes to dating.
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Too romantic and then guy/girl you are hoping to flirt with will think you’re creepy or needy.

Not romantic at all and you are potentially off to a bad start.

Which is worse?

Being too romantic and into the girl at the very beginnning is far worse! You can always become more romantic as the evening progresses with your potential lover. However starting off very romanitcally can be like walking on a tight rope.

You can fall off on one side and the guy/girl will be really flattered.

But you can fall off the other side and the girl/guy may think you are being cheesy or desperate.

Take a look at these examples of romantic conversation starters,

“Hey, I just saw you from across the room and I had to come over and say hi, I’m [your name]”.

Hi, sorry for being so forward, but you are absolutely gorgeous, I had to meet you, I’m [your name]”.

You may notice that they are very flattering to hear. There is one really important thing to keep in mind when delivering them. You have to be unflinching.

You cannot say either of these lines and make them work if you appear nervous (it’s okay to be nervous but just don’t show it) or can’t maintain eye contact with the person you say them to.

If you don’t come across as confident, then the girl/guy you started talking to may become ‘creeped out’ or ‘weirded out’ upon hearing one of those lines.

However if you have the slick confidence of James Bond, then rest assured that saying something along these lines will flatter your potential date and make them very attracted to you.

So, you need to ask yourself whether or not you have the belief in yourself to deliver a romantic conversation starter with confidence.

  • If you do, then fantastic, you will start all your conversations off on the right foot and they immediately become romantic conversations.
  • If you don’t, then steer well clear of using conversation starters like this as they won’t work. Worse still, the guy/girl you tell them to will be quite turned off by them. Instead you need to start the conversation differently, perhaps by using a funny conversation starter.
Using romantic ways to start conversations can potentially be dangerous. It is the equivalent of showing people your hand in poker. You are totally exposed and it can either go really good or really bad (think high risk, high reward).

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