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Role Playing in the Bedroom – Role Playing Ideas

Role playing in the bedroom is a fantastic way to spice things up when it comes to love making. This book was the inspiration for the article you are about to read. It allows you to act out your fantasies in a safe environment with someone you are attracted to and love. These 6 role playing games are guaranteed to make your sex life more enjoyable.

Doctor and Nurse

In this scenario, the man usually plays the doctor while the woman plays the nurse. The doctor is usually seen as the one in charge who has to direct the nurse. As a doctor you can pretend to be angry with the nurse or displeased with her performance, that the only way she won’t get fired is to do ‘special things’ to make it up to you.

Prison Officer and Prisoner

This can be a really fun role play for couples. Either the man or woman will play the prison officer while the other plays the prisoner. The prison officer can be strict or kind. Maybe the prison officer can even treat the prisoner every once in a while to something nice. Sometimes though, the prisoner might try and escape for which the prison guard will obviously be angry about and will have to punish the prisoner.

The Maid

This is one especially for girls, where they play the maid in a big house. She may be tasked with cleaning and cooking duties and usually has to make sure to please her employer with whatever he wishes. Sometimes he won’t be able to pay her with money and has to use other means…..

The Servant

Roleplaying as a servant is the same as role playing as a maid but done by a man employed by a wealthy lady. He must make sure she is pleased at all times.

The Anonymous Guy/Girl

For this, both boyfriend and girlfriend have to agree to meet each other in a bar and pretend not to know each other. The guy then has to pick up the girl again as if they don’t know each and convince her to come back to his place.

The Secretary who wants a raise

The secretary is played by the girl while the man pretends to be the company owner/boss. She desperately wants a raise to pay for some cosmetic surgery as she can’t afford it with her regular salary and has to convince her boss by any means necessary that he should give it to her.

How to bring up the idea of role playing in the bedroom with your partner?

Most people fantasize about roleplaying with their partner, but are often too afraid, nervous and shy to talk to their partner about it. You may want to bring it up with your girlfriend or boyfriend but might not know how. Chances are that your partner feels exactly the same way.

The trick is to show them that you are comfortable and open to different roleplaying ideas. So you need to be the first person to bring it up. You can start out by telling them that you wanted to try something a little different in the bedroom. It could be something as simple as using lubricant to see if it feels better for both of you. It’s important to start with something that’s not a big deal so that you can gauge your partners’ reaction.

Once you have opened up a dialogue with your wife/husband/partner, you can now start to ask them if they ever wanted to try something different or wanted you to do something differently. If they are interested in trying something different, then you may be interested in 100 great sex games.

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