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How to become a Pick Up Artist (PUA), Part 2


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Want to become a Pick Up Artist fast?

5. As explained before, becoming a a true seducer requires learning skills.

Skills that all men should have to give them greater choice in the women they date.

BUT It is not something to define your life by or to live for.

What I mean specifically by this is that if you are depressed or lonely, becoming good with women will not fill that void. Ever.

6. There are no rules, only guidelines.

All the content you read on this site is advice. It is advice that works and has worked in the past for myself and others. It is not something that should be rigidly applied. All the advice, rules and guidelines can be broken in certain circumstances. So do not treat them as unbreakable laws.

Knowing when and when not to break the rules is based on experience.

7. You can’t change who you are but you can change how you act.

pick up artist, erik von markovik, mystery pua, eric von markovicIf you tell a girl you won an Olympic medal and you didn’t, she will eventually find out. This is just an extreme example to convey the meaning of that message: “You can’t change who you are but you can change how you act”

Example: If you pick up a stripper by implying that you are a very social, cool person, when in fact you live with your mom, play video games and have no friends, then it won’t last. She will find out.

Luckily you can change how you act. You CAN move out. You CAN make friends.It’s cool to play video games, you just have to treat it like it’s not a big deal, because it isn’t. Just get a cooler hobby that you’re interested in.

So when you hear stories of gurus telling you that you can be fat, bald, ugly, have no fashion sense and live in your mom’s basement but still date strippers…..

……They are lying!

8. Bars and clubs are not the only places where you can pick up girls.

eric von markovik, pick up artist, mystery pua, eric von markovic If you don’t like bars and clubs(I’m not crazy about them myself), there are other places to meet girls:

House parties. On public transport. On the street. ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE!

The reason a lot of people go to bars and clubs while learning to become a pick up artist is simple.

There tends to be a lot of good looking girls all in one place in bars and clubs. However if you are looking for someone with their life together, don’t expect to find them in a club at 3 in the morning!

While the average girl on the street may not be as pretty as the average girl in a club, she is far more likely to have her life together. So decide what type of girl you want(looks AND attitude) and then go to places where those types of girls hang out.

9. You get girls when you talk to them.

You don’t become a pick up artist by reading ebooks, watching pick up videos and listening to the latest podcasts of routines.

You don’t become a pick up artist by having big muscles or having cool dress sense.

Luckily these things help. But you need to actually be able to hold a conversation with a girl if you want to sleep with her……unless you’re paying 😉

Check out these top conversation dating tips to improve your conversation skills with the ladies

Obviously if you’re not good at holding a conversation then you need some material. But practicing for hours in your head for just one approach won’t help much. The same logic goes for working out.

Girls love guys with athletic looking bodies, but they won’t date a guy who’s afraid to open his mouth, no matter ‘ripped’ he is.

To get the girls, to truly become a pick up artist, you need to talk to them.
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