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How to become a Pick Up Artist (PUA), Part 1


Want to become a Pick up Artist fast?

pick up artist, pickup artist, seduction, dating tipsYou’ve trawled the internet to find advice on how to get better with girls, how to become a pick up artist. Everyone is trying to sell you something, “how to have threesomes”, “how to use magic to get girls”, “Only use direct methods” “Only use indirect methods”, “You need to peacock”. The list goes on…

A lot of the information out there is conflicting or misleading and a lot of people are trying to sell some system, method or technique.

Let me begin by saying that there is some good information out

there on picking up and seducing women, but most of what I’ve read and is useless if you truly want to become a pick up artist

How do I know?

I tried a lot of it myself and failed miserably! But I’ve also tried some and succeeded.

The purpose of this article is to give you the right information starting off so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you follow these 9 laws of pick up, you will get better at attracting, picking up and seducing quality girls

1. Realize that attracting, picking up and seducing women is a specific area of social skills.

pick up artist, erik von markovik, mystery pua, eric von markovicIt is not some sort of magic or trick with no relation to basic social skills. It is a skill. It is a skill like public speaking or driving a car, one that you can learn and master.

Becoming a pick up artist is not just using a few lines or routines that make the woman you said them to fall head over heels in love. You have to realize that there is more to it.

Imagine this scenario,
A woman walks into a room, you walk over to her and tell her your lines and routines….

….but you’re looking at the floor, you’re stuttering, your clothes are dirty, you’re breath stinks your hands are in your pockets and you are shifting nervously.

Do you think any line would work if you were doing all of this?


Of course not. There is a lot more to it than just the lines and routines you found on the internet, saw on TV or read in a book

Real-dating-tips will teach you everything you need to become a pick up artist for free

2. There are many different methods for picking up women, some of them work great, some are really terrible.

If you believe one method or system works perfectly for every situation, then you are wrong. Each method has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages.

3. No Guru or Master Pick Up Artist gets every girl they talk to.

Guess what, neither will you!pick up artist, Mystery PUA, pickup artist, seduction, dating tips

There is no perfect, 100% guaranteed system!

But that’s fine. You have to realise that some girls have boyfriends and some girls will just be in a bad mood. They could have lost their jobs, lost their purse or just gone bankrupt.

So relax, it’s fine if the first girl you ever try to pick up tells you to get lost, just move on to the next one!

4. You will not become a pick up artist in a night or a day.

Some nights go well and you get make outs or more. Some nights go terribly and every girl you talk to tells you to get lost.

It’s what you learn from taking consistent action that will make you better.

Think of driving a car as analogy

It is a necessary skill all men (and women!) need to learn. At first you’re nervous and have to think about turning off the motorway. You need to change lanes, indicate, look in the mirrors, and turn the wheel. It is a big deal and you’re nervous

After a few months of driving every day, you don’t even think about it anymore, you are talking to your friend, the radio is on and you just think about where you are going and without thinking, you turn off the motorway.

This is the goal of real-dating-tips, to make you better at picking up women so that you can forget about what you’ve learned because it just becomes natural and easy. 

….continue to part 2 of ‘How to become a Pick Up Artist’

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