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Pick Up Lines that Work


Finding pick up lines that work is nearly impossible. Most of the pickup lines that you read on this site pick up lines that work, smouldering chick, dating tipsare hilarious and are fun to read, but if you want a line that really works, keep reading.

A lot of guys think that all they need is the funny chat up line to work and then a girl will want to hook up with you or get into a relationship. Unfortunately this will never happen. You don’t only need a good pickup line that gets her attention, but you also need good follow up game. You need to have something to say after using a chat up line, not matter how funny it is. Read these Dating Tips for Guy or the Pick Up Artist guide for what to do after using a pick up line.

Now if you actually want to hook up with a girl or date her, you need to start on the right foot. Getting her laughing is ok. What you want to aim for is a pick up line that makes her attracted. That’s far better. Try these pick up lines that actually work:

Go direct and say:

“Wow, you are really cute, what’s your name?“
-This is pretty much the only pickup line you’ll ever need. If you have good body language and are relaxed this will generate attraction right off the bat. On top of this you will find out immediately whether she likes you or not. If she does like you, then you are halfway down the road to hooking up. If she doesn’t like you, then you’ve saved a lot of time.

Another direct line but this time to be used during the daytime

“Hi, I know this is really random, but I saw you and I had to come say hi. I’m John/Billy/Nigel….”
-This is a great pick up line to use during the day. It’s direct, polite, flattering and makes light of the fact that guys don’t normally approach and chat up girls during the day.

Funny Pick Up Lines that work
These pick up lines are great as they immediately get the girl you are trying to pick up laughing.

“You know there is no dancing in here” (said seriously with a smile/smirk so that the girl knows it’s a joke)
-This is a great pick up line as it lets the girl know you have a sense of humour, but at the same time you aren’t a push over.

“Hey guys, this is an over 21 club, I’m going to need to see some ID” (again said seriously but -make sure you have a smirk/smile so that the girl knows it’s a joke).
This is a great pick up line as it flatters the girl but is also cocky and playful.

“Oh my god Suzie, how are you? Long time no see!” (and give the girl a big hug)”
-The whole point of this pick up line is to pretend that you made a mistake when recognizing an old friend. All you have to do when she tells you that she is not Suzie is to say sorry and tell her that she looks like Suzie. Then just strike up a normal conversation with her.

“Hey, this girl is stalking me, can you pretend to be my girlfriend to make her go away?”
-This pick up line works because it is obviously funny and ridiculous but also because girls do this sort of thing all the time to try and talk to guys.

Using pick up lines that work is only the first step to dating and seducing very attractive women. Once you are in a conversation with them, you need to know what to do next. Check out the Pick Up Artist Guide for more tips and tricks.

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