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Pick Up Lines for Guys


Your search for funny pick up lines for guys is over. These pickup lines are hilarious, entertaining and bound to get a few laughs from the girls you tell them to. While they are just a bit of fun, check out Dating Tips for Guys of the Pick Up Artist guide to really learn about picking up women.

Hi, you seem like someone I should get to know

So what are chances of us hooking up tonight? Her: To be honest, I don’t think you could hook up in a brothel.

If good looks are a curse, then you are cursed.

You may think you are a siren, but I think you are just a false alarm.

I may have a face for radio but I think we can make this work.

Hey baby, you should go out with an althletic guy like me. Her: I’ve seen healthier looking corpses!

I was thinking of getting a vasectomy just in case I got a girl pregnant. Her: With a face like that, you won’t need one.
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Hi, they call me the Dream Boat! Her: Don’t you mean Shipwreck?!

I hope that you are the carpenters dream, easy to nail.

I hope you bang like the toilet door on a trawler.

Think you could stand oral sex with me? Her: No! Never! You: How about kneeling down?

I hope you are like a hardware store, only 2 cents a screw!

I hope you are like the bus, only $1 a ride!

I hope you’re legs are like cream cheese, easy to spread!

Would you say that you’re like the Bermuda Triangle? Her: What do you mean? You: Well do you swallow a lot of seamen?

Everyone says I am the biggest ride outside of Disneyland.

I hope that you’re not the type of girl to stall if my car does, are you?

What’s tougher to open? You’re legs or a deck chairs’?

I may be old, but I still party like it’s 1899.

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