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Pick Up Artist Guide – How to become a PUA

All the tips you will ever need to become a pick up artist(PUA), real world advice on how to attract and seduce women….

erik von markovik, pick up artist, pickup aritst, dating tips, seduction, PUASo you’ve watched VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist” and seen star Erik von Markovik aka Mystery teach total AFCs(average frustrated chumps) how to pick up women.

Or maybe you’ve read Neil Strauss’s “The Game” and have been inspired to get just as good as him and figure out how to pick up, attract and seduce women just like in the book.

Well you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn how to seduce girls, pick up women and find out how to get a girlfriend without coming off ‘weird’. Not only that but we have great information on dates and relationships. The great thing is, all the information here is free. We are not trying to sell anything.

If you’ve just decided to ‘get in the game’, then start with this article on ‘How to become a Pick Up Artist’ as quickly as possible without making all the beginner mistakes I and so many others made. It won’t happen in a day, but with the right mindset and information, you too can become a PUA.

If you’re already in the game and have specific areas you want to get handled then check out thepick up artist, neil strauss, erik von markovik, pickup artist, PUA, dating tips different sections on Daygame, Nightgame, Direct Game, Indirect Game, Phone Game, Online Game, Social Circle Game, College Game or Fashion and Grooming. We also have pages of all the major gurus and how they rose through the ranks to become masters of the getting girls

All the information here has been tested in the real world and works. Her at Real-Dating-Tips we don’t give you feel good advice unless it works, plain and simple.

Brad P
Learn Pick Up Strategies from the worlds top ranked pick up artist.

How to get a Girl to like you
Use these great tips to learn how to get a girl to like you. What and what not to do to get the girl you want

Dating Conversation Tips
What AND what not to talk about on a date. Dating conversation tips so your conversation never goes dead. How to make her attracted to you with conversation

pick up artist, erik von markovik, mystery pua, eric von markovic, puaErik von Markovik aka Mystery
The worlds greatest Pick Up Artist, Erik von Markovik aka Mystery. His tips, tactics, techniques and biography….

9 laws to become a PUA
Want to become a PUA fast?

October Man Sequence
The October Man Sequence. The most Evil, Manipulative and Dangerous routine ever devised in seduction or is it?

Where to meet Girls
Want to know where to meet girls? Here are the best places to pick up, attract and seduce girls….

Reading Female Body Language
Learn why reading female body language is key when picking up and flirting with girls….

Learn about the guy who used to work for Mystery, his method and company.

Alpha Male Body Language

How to become an Alpha Male

What Attracts Women

How to Talk to a Girl on the Phone

How to Chat Up Girls

How to Pick Up Older Women

Alpha Male Characteristics

Confidence with Women

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