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Oral Sex Tips For Girls That Rock

These oral sex tips for girls are powerful! So powerful in fact that your man will almost always return the favour.

Now before we get to these juicy oral sex tips for girls, we first have to cover something that may seem a little boring, but it is vital! This is hygiene. Before you ever go down on your man, you first must make sure that both of you are clean and healthy. This means making sure you have good oral hygiene, but also making sure that your man is clean and healthy down there.

*It’s important that both you and your man go for regular check ups to make sure that neither of you are carrying anything. This may not be something that you want to hear, but it’s important to stay healthy.

Phew! Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, it’s time to get to learning some new oral sex tips for girls…

Below are some of the best tips from the Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter

Spice It Up!

Imagine dating a guy. You get into a routine. The same sex every evening. Sometimes in the morning. It’s usually missionary and sometimes doggy style. This is a recipe for disaster. There is nothing that will ruin a relationship faster than a boring, unchanging routine.

The same applies to you!

If you keep doing the same things when giving your man a blowjob, he will very quickly get bored. The key is to spice things up by trying different things.

Now, you are probably wondering what specifically you can do to spice things up…

The Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter goes into deep detail with specific oral sex tips for girls, but to keep things short for now, there are 2 things that you must remember to spice things up…

When (#1) & Where (#2)

Changing when and where you give your man a blow job is the easiest oral sex tip for women that you can possibly learn!

Instead of going down on him at night time, surprise him in the middle of the day, when he is least expecting it.

Instead of always giving him a blow job in the bedroom, why not give him a blowjob while he is watching tv on the sofa.

These are the most basic examples of spicing it up when it comes to giving your man a blowjob. If you want to really spice things up with more advanced techniques, then check out the Bad Girl’s Bible.

It’s Not All About The Penis

When most girls hear the words blow job, fellatio and sucking his cock, they obviously think about a guys penis.

However, there is so much more to great oral sex technique than just focusing on your man’s penis.


A man’s testicles are super sensitive! Gently rubbing them feels fantastic for him. So as you have your mouth on his penis, use on of your hands to slowly and gently massage his testicles.

Pro Tip: You can tell if you are squeezing his balls too hard if he starts to flinch. It feels best if you alternate how much pressure you apply to his balls.

Another super sensitive, but little known area that men love to have stimulated is the perineum.

Don’t know what the perineum is?

Answer: It’s the patch of rough skin just behind a man’s testicles.

There are a number of different ways to stimulate the perineum.

 > You can massage it gently by rubbing your fingers over it.

 > You can run your nails over it (gently). This creates a really nice sensation for your man.

 > You can apply pressure (upwards and slightly towards his penis) with your fingers. This may sound a little crazy, but most guys really like it. Different guys like different amounts of pressure applied to the perineum.

What To Avoid!

If you can’t give a guy a great blowjob, then you are in trouble.

He may start looking for sexual gratification elsewhere. To make sure that this never happens, there are some really important things that you absolutely must avoid!

No Teeth – There is nothing worse or more painful for a guy than a girl who uses her teeth when giving a blowjob. A really easy way to avoid doing this is to wrap your lips around your teeth.

Don’t Make It Dry – If you have no saliva in your mouth while giving your man a bj, then it can get quite uncomfortable for both of you. To prevent this from happening, try chewing gum right before you go down on him.

Bad Breath – This comes back to the beginning of the article. There is nothing worse for a guy than a girl with bad hygiene. When you go down on your man, make sure that you don’t have bad breath. At the very least, make sure to use mouthwash.

If you want to learn more oral sex tips for Girls and more about how to give your man a great blow job, including specific strategies on how to give him a blow job and how have better sex, then you should click here to check out the Bad Girl’s Bible right now.

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