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October Man Sequence


The October Man Sequence was originally brought to peoples attention by Neil Strauss in his book The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pick up artists. The routine is a ‘forbidden’ pattern, developed by the pick up artist IN10se (known as Twotimer in The Game).

october man sequence, mystery pua, the game, nlpAs a former student of Ross Jeffries and Speed Seduction, IN10se developed the pattern through his background in NLP. According to Twotimer, using his routine when trying to seduce a girl is truly devastating. Many consider it to be the single most powerful NLP routine that a pick up artist can use while seducing a girl.

For all the hype surrounding the pattern, many remain sceptical of it’s powers and for that matter whether any NLP pattern’ could be used to seduce a girl.

The two main techniques used in the pattern are fractionation and ‘guided visualizations’.


The idea behind this NLP term is not complex. Basically it means that when you experience an emotion like happiness with someone for a short while, the next time you experience that same emotion, it will be stronger.

Guided Visualizations

Guided visualizations are something you may have heard of before. It involves bringing (guiding) a person through a specific set of mental images that you describe to them. This is how hypnotists bring their subjects into trance.

Fractionation and ‘guided visualizations’ are the two main tools used in performing this NLP routine to guide the girl you are trying to seduce through a set of emotions associated with the pictures/symbols you are getting her to imagine.

The main aim is to get the women to associate pleasure with the pick up artist performing the pattern and to associate pain with everything else, therefore compelling the girl to want to be with the man using it.

While all these fantastic claims sound impressive, there is little evidence of results from the people claiming it to be the ‘most powerful routine in seduction’.

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