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Nice Pick Up Lines


 These nice pick up lines are honest, sincere and will work provided you are not joking around when you say them. However if you don’t even believe what you’re saying, then you will find it quite difficult to make these nice pickup lines work.

1. Hi, you are too cute not to talk to, I’m John/Simon.

2. Is difficult being this pretty?

3. You couldn’t possibly be from around here, you are just too hot for this town!

4. If you are as fun as you are cute, then I’m in love!

5. When is the last time a guy hit on you?

6. I’m guessing that your dad was stunned when he first saw you? Her: No, why? You: Well you are stunning looking!

7. Do you stop traffic?

8. Are you from a candy store? Her: No, Why?! You: I’m just trying to figure out how come you are so sweet.

9. Hi, you look really cute, I had to come and meet you.

10. I guess that most guys are too intimidated to come and talk to you, huh? Her: You’re right. You: Yeah, luckily there is at least one confident person in this bar (point to yourself and smile as you say this)

While using these nice pick up lines is bound to put a smile on the face of the girl you tell them to, it’s vital that you also have something to follow up a nice pickup line if you really want your interactions to go somewhere. Check out these Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist Guide for tips, tricks and techniques to get the one you want after the initial line.

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