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Nerdy Pick Up Lines


Trying to pick up a nerd? These nerdy pick up lines may just get you the 4-eyed girl you’re looking for. On the other hand the may have girls laughing their pants off! Use at your own risk. If you are looking for real dating advice though, check out these Dating Tips for Guys or Dating Advice for Women.
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What’s your sine?

Hey I was thinking, maybe we could go to the diner and spilt an atom?

I’d memorise pi to a million places just to be with you

I’d like to √u

What’s the probability of us hooking up tonight?

Baby, I’m like a ten digit prime number, you’ll try hard to find one like me, but it’s dam near impossible.

You look like hard work, but I’m willing to do you all night long.

I was thinking of putting my ‘solution’ in your ‘equation’. What do you think?

I’m so hot, I might combust!

You should come to MySpace and I’ll have a look at your Yahoo

You and me are like opposing poles of magnets, we’re drawn together.

Baby, I’m so cool they use me to cool the Large Hadron Collider.

I had to talk to you, you pulled me in like a black hole.

B4 I √u R u/18

You’re like a red giant. You seem big on the outside, but I bet there’s not much inside, huh?

Maybe I could transfer some date into your hard drive using my firewire cable, what do you say?

I think you just turned my software into hardware!

If I flip a coin, what’s the chances of me getting head?

If I cook dinner, will you bring a 3.1415…..

I feel like all four fundamental forces are bringing us together.

Before I was born, there was no global warming. That’s how hot I am!

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