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Naughty Pick Up Lines

These naughty pick up lines work fantastically as they show girls that you are cheeky and fun while trying to pick them up. Just make sure to be careful, some girls may get offended
when using pickup lines this dirty! If you want to know what to say right after using one of these naughty chat up lines, then check out the Dating Tips for Guys section for some great information.

“Hey, you know that I’m really good at maths, check this out. You plus me, minus our clothes, divide you legs and multiply the orgasms = Great sex….so lets get it on, sound good babe?

“Hey, I know you, we hooked up last week, right? Her: Eh, no we didn’t! You: That’s okay, I can see that you are a little embarrassed, I bet you can’t even remember my name, huh?”

“Wow, you are cute, we need to hook up!”

“I don’t normally ask girls if they want to sleep with me, but you seem cute enough……whatta you say baby? Want do it?”

“What do me and and hot water bottles have in common? Her: I dunno! You: We’re both great in bed!”

“The only difference between me and your boyfriend is that I’m hot and he’s not!”

“I wasn’t going to come out tonight, but I’m glad I did because I got a chance to meet you!………(make sure to pause) So you want to hook or something?

“You can fall from your bike, you can fall from a tree but what you need to do is fall in love with me!”

“They call me the pleasure man, but you can call me [insert you name her].”

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