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Nasty Pick Up Lines


These Nasty Pick Up Lines are meanest way you could chat up a girl. There are so awful that will probably have her crying. Use these nasty pickup lines at your own risk. Actually don’t even use them! Check out the Pick Up Artist guide for some real pick up lines.
nasty pick up lines, mean, toilet joke
You’ve got a face like a busted wart

I’ve seen cuter dimples on a golf ball

You have a very sympathetic face, I’m guessing it has everyone’s’ sympathy

There is only one problem with your face…it’s visible

You’ve got a face like a crate of smashed crabs

Your face reminds me of a flower, a cauliflower!

I’ve seen better-looking roadkill than you!

You’ve got that great faraway look. The further away you get, the better you look.

I’ve seen more appealing bodies on car scrap heaps.

I’ve seen healthier looking faces on pirate flags.

You have the sort of face that makes you realize that God has a sense of humour (credit Bill Bryson).

Looking at your face, I’m guessing your hobby is stepping on rakes, no?

Cute girls turn heads, but yours turns stomachs.

How did the accident happen?

I’d love to take you to a horror show; I just have to show you the mirror

I’m a doctor; we could use a face like yours at the hospital. When the stomach pump is broken, they can just look at your face.

I’m a doctor; we could use a face like yours in the hospital. We could use it to scare people out of hiccups.

A pretty face is a passport to the good life. It’s a shame yours expired years ago.

You remind of the Venus de Milo. Very pretty but not all there.

I’ve seen better-looking bodies dragged out of rivers.

You’ve got a body off Baywatch, but a face off Crimewatch.

I’ve seen nicer hair on a mop.

I know you have a terrible haircut, but at least it can’t spoil your looks, nature did that years ago.

I can see why people are dazzled to meet you. You have a shiny face.

You’ve got so many freckles, that I nearly mistook you for a hamburger bun.

You have so many spots that a blind person could read your face.

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