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mehow, pick up artist, PUA, mystery, get the girlMehow found out about the seduction community when a waiter serving him in a restaurant turned out to be a cousin of Lovedrop, a wing of Mystery aka Erik von Markovik. After talking with the waiter, he later took a bootcamp with Mystery.

After taking his bootcamp, he became one of Mystery’s wings and an approach coach for the Mystery Method, but later left to set up his own pick up company, Mehow, Inc.

Since setting up his own company in September 2006, a wide array of products have been released:

Get the Girl!

Firstly was his ‘Get the Girl! manual’ an ebook descibing his system for picking up girls and seducing them which some say is very similar Mystery Method’s M3 model.

Infield Insider

mehow, pickup artist, PUA, infield insider, get the girlThen he made waves when he brought out ‘Infield Insider’, the first ever in-field product in seduction. It contains 8 DVDs of pick ups filmed undercover so the girls he was picking up weren’t affected by the presence of a camera.

The idea behind the series is that we see each pick up taking place with an audio commentary explaing exactly what is happening on a second to second basis.

He then expanded his ‘Infield Insider’ brand to include infield footage of other PUAs such as Sinn, El Topo, Hypnotica and DJ Fuji. Again a similar format was followed, where each PUA gave an audio commentary of what they were doing during each pick up.

The fantastic thing about Infield Insider is that it shows you a pick up happening in real life and what it actually looks like as opposed to just reading about it in an ebook.

10 Second Sexual Attraction (10SSA)

10 Second Sexual Attraction superseeds the original Get the Girl! manual in that it gives you a blueprint for natural game as opposed to ‘canned’ or routine based game.

It covers all aspects of game from Opening and Seduction to Phone Game and Same Night Pulls

He quickly followed this up with ’10 Second Sexual Attraction Infield Exposed’. Again he went undercover using infield footage of himself but this time using 10SSA material to pick up and attract girls.


He offers bootcamps for both Daygame and Nightgame and plans to start organizing bootcamps for Online game too.

Added to this is his Certified Instructor Program. This is basically a course that turns PUAs into instructors with coaching from Mehow and his team as well as in-field critiques of the trainees performing pick up.


Hypnotica (aka Rasputin from The Game), a hypnotist is known as the inner game guru. He currently has 3 products marketed on his site. Collection of Confidence and Ultimate Inner Game both focus on how to become more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Deep Phone Seduction teach you how to seduce women using only the power of your words. While called deep phone seduction, it is not necessarily just for use on the phone, but actually in any situation.

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