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Married Couples Making Love

Use these awesome tips for married couples making love to spice up your sex life, make you more intimate with your wife and ultimately make your marriage a better one. Once you finish reading these great tips, there are more awesome lovemaking tips in the Love Making Tips and Love Making Techniques sections.

Variety is the spice of life

This is the single most important thing to take from this married couples making love article! Variety really is the difference between a fun and interesting sex life or night after night of plain, old missionary. Don’t just take ‘variety’ to mean you should change what positions you use for sex. It means a lot more than just that. You should change locations, frequency as well as using different roleplay scenarios or even toys and lubricants.

The time

Most married couples make love at night or early in the morning. This is absolutely fine. The only problem however is that you are both going to get very bored of having sex at the same time everyday. Instead you need to be more impulsive. The next time you both have a few minutes free, grab your loved one and tell them you have something to show them upstairs. Then just have a quickie. It could be any time during the day. Maybe you just came home from dropping the kids to school or maybe you have ten minutes free before dinner. It doesn’t matter. Making love at these random times is exciting as you’ll never know when one of you is going to grab the other and head upstairs to ‘get jiggy’.

The place

You are going to find that you quickly get bored of being just like every other married couple making love in the bedroom. Instead you need a change of scenery. The next time you are in the mood to ‘get down to it’ with your partner, just make sure you are somewhere private. You might see her/him with their back to you at the stove. Go over and slap their butt and let the know what you want. Or maybe your husband just came in from work and is quite dirty. Don’t let him have a shower! Make love first and do it exactly where you are.


The previous tips will definitely help make things more exciting for you and your partner, but you may even find yourself getting a little bored or worse: you can get worn out from all this lovemaking action. What you need to do to prevent this from happening is hold off every once in a while. Do this to create anticipation. So try not making love for a day or to, and then when your husband or wife leasts expects it, jump them and demand sex.

Other things that are good on occasion, but should not be used every time you have sex are toys and lubricants. They can be fun to surprise your loved one with, but are most fun when used only occasionally.

If you are still looking for ideas to spice things up in the bedroom, you should consider 100 great sex games. It is an entire book of really fun and enjoyable sex games that you can surprise your partner with. Word Of Warning: Some of these games are a little out there and too kinky for most people.

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