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Love Making Tips

These love making tips are designed to spice up your sex life and make getting physical with your partner more intimate and enjoyable for the both of you.

But before I give you the entire list, there really is only 2 resources that you will ever need to please your partner. They were written by sex expert (or sexpert!) Michael Webb. He has been interviewed by everyone from Cosmo to Men’s Health to even Oprah! His sex guide for guys will literally make you a virtuoso in the bedroom. Check it out here. Luckily he also has written a guide for girls will teach you how to give you man earth shattering orgams. You can check out his brilliant sex guide for girls by clicking here.

Remember that there are many different things you can do when it comes to lovemaking that will both excite and arouse your partner, but the single most important thing to remember is to be safe throughout.

While there are a lot of dating and lovemaking tips that will tell you to light candles, or cook a nice meal, these lovemaking tips cover everything from setting the scene to turning your lover on (both physically and emotionally) to making sure you both enjoy being together.

That most important love tip when making love that you can remember, before we get into specifics in the articles below is VARIATION, so please remember to use all these tips sparingly and with variation, enjoy!

For Girls Only: How to Blow his Mind!!!!
For Guys Only: How to Give Her Screaming Orgasms
Love Making Positions
What Men Want in Bed
What Women Want in Bed
How to Please your Man
Foreplay Techniques
Role Playing in the Bedroom
How to Satisfy a Man in Bed
Examples of Dirty Talk
Breastfeeding Your Man | Wife Breastfeeding Husband
Love Making Techniques
How to Satisfy a Man Sexually
Intimate Positions
How to be Good in Bed
How to Eat Out a Girl
How to Give a Guy Good Head
Married Couples Making Love
How to get a Girl to give you Head
How to Pleasure a Woman
First Time Love Making
How to Cum
How to Make a Girl Cum
How to Make a Girl Squirt
How to Cum More
How to Make a Girl Orgasm

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Sex Tips and Questions From Other Users

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How I Make My Girl Cum  Not rated yet
Hey Guys,

Here is a position I use that always makes my girl cum hard:

After having sex for a good amount of time, get her to lie on her back and …

Great Sex Tip To Spice Up Relationships  Not rated yet
Seeing as others are contributing here, I have to say that I have a special trick that I routinely use on my boyfriend that always gives him really powerful …

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