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Love Making Techniques

Using different love making techniques to improve your sex life is a smart move if you want to keep things fresh in your relationship. There are many different yet simple lovemaking techniques you can use to change things up.

Different Love Making Positions

The first thing most people think about when they decide to improve their love life is using new lovemaking positions to spice things up. A lot of people want to try kamsutra or some other kind of exotic sexual positions, when in fact it’s often the much simpler positions and techniques that yield the best and most enjoyable results when it comes to lovemaking.

Doing things as simple as changing your angle of entry or leg position can change where you stimulate each other. Luckily it doesn’t require you to be flexible like a gymnast. Check out Lovemaking Positions for more great tips.

Foreplay Techniques

A great way to make your love making more enjoyable is to focus on foreplay before you actually begin making love to your partner or husband. People (especially guys) often rush foreplay and get down to sex before either party is really that turned on.

It can be fun and exciting every once in a while to have a quickie out of the blue, but if you really want to connect and make sensual love to your partner, then engaging in proper foreplay is your best bet.

Great Foreplay Techniques for Guys

*A great and little used way to begin foreplay is bathe or wash each other before drying each other and then becoming more physical

*Get your girl to lay on her stomach while you straddle her above her butt. Make sure that she is naked from the waist up. Begin slowly and softly kissing her from her shoulders all the way down to her lower back and back up again to include her neck and ears. This should take between five and ten minutes.

*This time get your girl to lie on her back, while you work from her feet to her neck, slowly kissing her everywhere but just avoiding her most sensitive spots to tease her and make her want more.

Great Foreplay Techniques for Girls

Firstly it’s important to realize that guys get turned on almost instantly, like a light switch, so what you do physically for foreplay is never too important. The best technique to use though is to do something nice for your man to show him how you feel about him, such as making him a nice meal or taking him somewhere nice before getting down to the actual lovemaking.

One great foreplay technique you can use though is to tell him a few hours before it happens what you plan to do with him later! This will get his mind turning and wondering and wanting to know what is coming later.

Love Making Techniques to use to tonight

*Light small candles and put them alongside the walls of your bedroom. This is a fantastic lovemaking technique as it gives your room a lovely, warm, glowing light.

*Use incense and music at a low volume to add to the atmosphere.

*If you’re a guy, get your girl lingerie or if you’re a girl, wear lingerie

*Put a blindfold on your partner

*Tie your partner to the bed

*Use warm massage oil to massage your partner

For more great love making techniques and tips, check out this awesome book. It contains 500 (yes, that’s right 500) of the best love making techniques you can use to spice up your sex life.

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