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Leo Traits


The lion is a great symbol to sum up all Leo traits. It is the the king of the African savanah (just think leo traits, astrology, star sign compatibility, lion star sign5of ‘lion king’). It is powerful and dynamic, something you may find about yourself or wish to be when considering your star sign compatibility with others

While many characteristics associated with being a Leo may infer that you are strong and powerful, this is not always the case. Both men and women that posses the Leo zodiac sign tend to show other positive traits such as being very generous. You may identify with the phrase, “Lion Hearted”.

The flip side to this however is that you may also expect others to be just as generous with either their time or money. You may feel that while you are quick to help out others when they are in need, but often feel dissappointed when you need help and everyone has deserted you.

Leadership is something that girls and guys with the Leo horoscope sign tend to show a lot of. This can manifest itself in very positive forms such as being the captain of your sports team, to being the person who organizes where to go out at the weekend for you and your friends.

In relationships, this can be a double-edged sword. It can sometimes be nice to make the majority of decisions in a relationship. However, with certain couples, your partner may resent you and see you as controlling if you are the one who always decides where to go or what to do.
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Another Leo trait that is a double-edged sword is how you relish other peoples attention. It’s a wonderful feeling to have others see you in a good light and to have their attention. It’s important to remember not to get carried away though! A little attention from other people is a good thing. Being an attention whore however is something that can only bring you bad luck so try to stay humble, however hard it may be.

Some people forget the loyalty that people with the Leo star sign show. Not only are you loyal to your friends in times of need but you are also loyal in relationships when you are dating others. You may find that even if you lose attraction for someone you are currently dating or have spilt up with, you can still love them.

Best Leo Traits

Loyalty, leadership and charisma. Many people see Mick Jagger as the typical Leo. He loves the limelight, is the lead singer of a fantasitc band and has stuck with the Rolling Stones through thick and thin. You may find you have a lot in common with these traits.

You may not have plans to be the lead singer of a famous rock band, but when it comes to dating you may find yourself leading the relationship and being a great source of fun for your partner.

Worst Leo Traits

Many see you as a loyal and charismatic leader. There is a dark side unfortunately. If you get too caught up with yourself, people may see you as uncaring and indifferent to their needs. So try to always ensure that you treat the people around you with respect and love.

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