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Lame Pick Up Lines


Sometimes guys resort to using lame pick up lines. It can be embarrassing. The only way these chat up lines will work is if you say them in a cheesy but ironic voice…. you have been warned….

So do you come here often?

You know what they say about guys with big feet?

They call me Don Juan. Her: Well I Don Juan anything to do with you!lame pick up lines, dating, horse girl, pick up artist

Can I buy you a drink, baby?

Hey, I was thinking that maybe we could have sex, but only if you promise not to fall in love with me.

My sister says that my personality is infectious. Her: So was the plague. You: What about a dance?

I may have the appeal of a sweaty sock, but I think I could sex you good, what do you say, baby?

I know I may be as welcome as a fox in a henhouse, but what about a kiss?

I think you could learn to like me, well if we were both on a desert island together with absolutely nothing to do.

If attractiveness was measured in miles, you’d be an inch on the attractiveness scale.

You turned my head. Her: If you’re not careful, I’ll ring it!

Hi, am I welcome to stay for a chat? Her: You’re as welcome as a fart in a phone box.

I’ll never forget that this was the first time we met! Her: I’ll keep trying to forget.

Hi, I’m John, my first impression may not be the best, but I always find that I eventually grow on people….like a wart.

Let’s go on a date! I was thinking the zoo would be a bit expensive. How about the pet shop instead?

Hi, you’re cute, lets go have sex! Her: That’s odd, I know you were speaking but all I could hear was crap.

Hey baby, I’m like a dripping tap, I’m hitting on you and try as you might to stop me, I just keep on going.

You should go on a date with a guy like me, I’m the only guy in here that will sex you right!

I was thinking of bringing you for a night on the tiles. We just need to get some grouting mix and then we’re sorted!

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