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Is She The One


You are probably wondering “is she the one” if you have been dating or hanging out with a girl for a while. Just follow these simple tips to find out if she is the one and whether or not she is good for you.

Are you attracted to her?

When figuring out if she is ‘the one’, the single most important aspect that you should keep in mind is whether or not you are attracted to her both physically and emotionally. Does she make you excited when she walks into a room or do you look around and see if there are any other hot girls there?

As well as looking cute, do you have fun when you are hanging out with her? Do you share common interests with her or is it difficult to get a conversation going with her?

If you can honestly say that you are both physically and emotionally attracted to your girl then you are one step closer to knowing that she is the one.

She treats you like a king

You may be attracted to a girl and think that she is the one, but does she feel the same about you? Does your girl treat well. When you are not feeling well, will she stay in and make sure that your okay or does she go out with her friends instead?

When something bad happens to you will she be there by your side making sure that you aren’t too upset? Girls who go out of their way to make sure you are feeling good are girls that care about you. Treating you well is another factor you need to consider when figuring out if she is the one.

Does she flirt with other guys

Hopefully this doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks, but girls who flirt with other guys (whether in front of you or behind your back) are definitely not girls you should consider spending a lot of time with.

Don’t go crazy with this though. It’s cool if your girlfriend is friendly with other guys. But it’s not cool if she happily lets other guys hit on her and flirts back hard. This is really disrespectful and demonstrates that she doesn’t really care about you.

The answer to your question, “is she the one?” is yes if you can honestly say that you are attracted (both physically and emotionally) to her, she treats you like a king and she is cool when she’s around other guys.

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