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Is he attracted to me

We’ve all been there. Wondering, is he attracted to me? How can I tell if he really likes me, especially for more than just my looks and what are the signs he is attracted to me. Let me tell you girlfriend, it’s a tricky one, but I’ve figured out how to tell when he likes you. And more importantly, when he likes you for more than your looks.

Before I dish the juicy stuff. You need to hear and understand a few things about guys…..

Guys are attracted to slightly different things than girls. You may not like hearing it, but here are the facts:

Guys are primarily attracted to looks, but fortunately our looks are under our control. We can lose weight, gain weight (some girls should), wear more provocative clothes, get a tan, get clearer skin. The list is almost endless…

We’re definitely attracted to hot guys, but other things are more important. Is he confident? What about a sense of humor? If I bring him to a party will he be cool? Does he have many friends? Does he have ambitions in his life more than just playing video games?

So in short, as different genders, we like different things!

Now on to the signs to look out for when asking yourself is he attracted to me. The first 4 are the obvious ones that I hope you already know. Number 1-4 are signs that he wants to have sex with you because he is physically attracted to you. Number 5 is the signs that he is physically and emotionally attracted to you.

1. He makes eye contact when there is no need to make eye contact

When you are talking to a guy or being introduced to him, it’s normal and polite to make eye contact. They same goes for if you are listening to him giving a speech. If he looks at you in one of these situations, then it does not necessarily mean he likes you. He is probably just being polite.

However if you 2 are listening to someone else speaking and he starts looking over more than once, then he likes you. Or maybe you are both at a bar both and don’t yet know each other and he glances is he attracted to me, signs he likes me, dating tips, seductionmore than once, it is most definitely a sign he is attracted to you.

He will do either of 2 things when looking,

1. He will look over to get a glimpse of you when you are not looking in his direction, but will look away if you return his gaze. These are the shy guys who are attracted to you, who ‘don’t want to get caught looking’.

2. He will look at you until you return his eye contact. These guys are the confident ones (but sometimes ‘weird and creepy confident guys’).

Both these instances are signs he is attracted to you.

2. He approaches you and makes conversation

So when you are at a party, a guy might approach you and start talking to you (maybe even with a cheesy pick up line, but hey that’s guys for you!).

I hope this is stating the obvious but it’s a major sign that he’s attracted to you when a guy approaches you and makes conversation(You don’t even have to ask your self is he attracted to me!). It’s even better if he uses some corny pick up line. That way you can tell he’s trying to impress you.

Sometimes a guy will be just as nervous/shy as you when he approaches. So if a guy approaches you and tries to have a conversation with you even though he’s clearly nervous, then it’s a clear sign that he’s attracted to you (he’s just nervous in case he says something stupid).

So in short, a guy approaching you and making conversation is a good sign, especially if he either uses either a pick up line or is nervous, but….

….if he is looking for some logical information, like, “Do you know where the toilet is?” and walks off, then chances are he is not too interested in talking to you.

3. You can see that he’s trying to impress you (but not everyone)

So he started talking to you (and your friends). Does he quickly mention near the start of the conversation about how he travelled through Europe or has xyz car or any other ‘impressive’ thing he’s done?

For me, this is a total turn off, but it’s a sure sign he is trying to attract you.

You need to be careful though and watch closely. Is he saying these things to impress you or to impress someone else that’s with you. Only experience in these situations will give you the ability to tell correctly.

4. Is he trying to make you laugh?

Some guys are naturally funny, some aren’t. What you need to watch for is if he is trying to make you laugh. Does he crack a lot of jokes and then look expectantly to see if you are laughing.

Guys do this when they are looking to build rapport with someone. They crack a joke and then look at the person they told it to, to see if they laugh.

It’s nice having a guy make you laugh but sometimes it can make the guy seem like an entertainer and not that attractive if he tells a never ending stream of jokes.

Now onto the serious stuff

5. Does he give you compliments you’ve earned?

This is the most important sign to look out for when asking yourself is he attracted to me!

Guys give compliments for 2 reasons.

1. They want to get in your pants and think that any random compliment is what you want to hear. Examples are guys complimenting you on your looks or guys complimenting you on something that they don’t know much about. Any random guy can tell you that you’re beautiful or ‘cool’.

2. They find a part of you interesting or cool. They may compliment you on how you did a good job organizing the party or they might compliment you on a hobby you both share.

Why is the second point important?

If a guy invests time to get to know you for more than just your looks, he likes you for more than just your looks. It’s that simple.

So when asking yourself ‘is he attracted to me?’, watch and see if he compliments you on more than just your looks.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Most women don’t like being in a position where they can’t tell whether or not a guy likes them. Luckily one man has figured out a solution. In fact this guy is so good at what he does that he’s been featured on Oprah and even in Cosmo. He wrote a very simple book that teaches women how to make men fall head over heels in love with them.

Think about this for a minute, do you want to spend you whole life wondering if a guy likes you. Or do you want to change your destiny and make him fall in love with you? Anyway, if you are interested, you can check out my review of the book by clicking here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to tell is he attracted to me. If you would like to know more information on this crucial topic and whether or not he likes you, then check out the rest of the site for more great tips to help understand how a guy will act if he likes you.

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