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Intimate Positions

Using intimate positions in the bedroom to get closer to your partner is a great idea. Before giving you these great love making positions, here are a few quick intimate techniques to use before you start making love.


Many people have no problem telling others how they feel about them, but few show others how they feel. Touching by hugging, embracing or even rubbing your partner is a great way to show them how much you care for them. The next time you see that your partner is frustrated or annoyed, reach out and touch them.

The Little Things

A great way to show someone how much you care for them is do something for them or help them with a problem they may have. This could be something as simple as making them a cup of coffee or running an errand for them when they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Intimate Positions

Now that you’ve learned two easy and simple intimate techniques, it’s time to learn some intimate positions to bring you closer to your partner. A great, guiding rule to use when searching for positions that are intimate is to look at how much skin contact there is between you and your partner. In general, the more skin contact, the more intimate.

The most intimate love making position – Spooning

Spooning is a wonderful lovemaking position as both partners are in full contact with each other with their whole bodies. Both partners lie on their side, with the man behind the woman so that his stomach is touching her back. The man then enters the woman from behind and puts his arms around her so that he is hugging her. The full body contact that this position gives as well as the loving feeling the girl gets from having her man hug her is wonderful and very intimate.

Seated Facing Forward

For this position, the man sits down in the middle of the bed and spreads his legs out (he can bend them if he needs to). His girl then sits on top facing him, while he wraps his arms around her and hugs her close.

This lovemaking position is awesome as again it brings the bodies into full contact with each other (except the legs which are pointing in opposite directions). One of it’s advantages is that with the girl sitting on top, she will often be elevated a little above her man, so that her neck is in line with his lips allowing him to give her some sensual and sexy kissing to the neck. For more great tips on intimate positions and having great sex, check out 100 great sex games.

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