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How to Understand Women


 Learning how to understand women does not have to be frustrating. You do not have to understand everything about them. Instead it’s important to realize that there are a few simple differences between men and women, in fact I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”

There are many traits and characteristics that both men and women share, however there is one major difference to keep in mind when trying to understand women. That’s the fact that most women tend to be emotional and base a lot of their decisions on their emotions or how they feel. Men on the other hand tend to be far more logical and base most of their decisions [but not all] on logic and fact. This is why there are more men to be found in jobs that require logical thinking such as engineering and science.

How this relates to understanding women is crucial. Now that you understand this, you can give women what they really want: emotional stimulation. This means that what women really want from men is to be stimulated emotionally, to feel a range of emotions. They’d much prefer to be in a relationship where they get to experience happiness, sadness, love, jealousy, fear, anger, passion and fun than to be in a relationship where they only experience happiness and fun. Now don’t misunderstand this information: positive emotions should make up 95% of all the emotions you create with her. But it’s important to randomly sprinkle in emotions into a relationship that cause her to feel passionate or a little jealous or a little angry. This keeps the relationship fulfilling for the girl you’re with as it keeps her emotionally stimulated.

 People that know how to understand women don’t get confused when she starts crying watching Bambi or she gets angry when she asks you if you like her dress and you say no, even though she asked you to be honest. They know that sometimes girls seem confusing, but in actual fact they are just acting on their emotions, something guys don’t do very often. The guys who understand girls don’t judge or get angry because they know that’s just the way things are.

Now that you know this, it’s important not to judge girls when they might seem overly emotional. At first, this may seem annoying, but as you become more consciously aware of this fact, it will become easier.

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