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How to Turn a Guy On

Once you know how to turn a guy on, you will never have to worry about attracting guys ever again. There are a few subtle things you must do to turn a guy on, that don’t always require you to be very sexual. The single most important factor that girls forget when it comes to turning on men is that anticipation.

Most girls think that men get turned on by what they see. This is true to a degree. That’s obviously why they like porn so much! However most girls take this to an extreme. They think that the only way to turn a guy on is by dressing slutty or wearing a lot of make up. You may turn a guy on, but that is not necessarily going to make him want, need, crave and lust after you.

Instead if you really want to turn a guy on and have him lust after you and want to be with you, then you need to create anticipation. But how to do this?

There are a few different ways to create anticipation to turn a guy on:

Give him a taste, but don’t give him too much. So the next time you are hanging out with your guy, give him a kiss or a massage or something semi-sexual that he likes but only give him a taste. Don’t do it for too long, then just back off a little bit. This will drive him crazy and will make him want more. The more he works for you, the more he will want you and the more turned on he will get at the thought of you.

Create barriers. This is really important. Guys think of themselves as warriors, they love when they feel as if they have accomplished or achieved something. They may like things being handed to them on a plate, but the don’t really appreciate something that they get for free. They prefer things that they have to work for.

So the next time he ask if you want to hang out, say, “That would be awesome, I’d love to, but I’m really busy for the next few days with some things I have to take care of, Do you want to hang out maybe later in the week?” By saying yes, but putting barriers in the way, you will create anticipation and make him work for you.

But how does creating anticipation and putting up barriers answer my question of how to turn a guy on?

By doing these two things you will constantly be on his mind. He will become more and more attracted and will start getting turned on just by the thought of you, especially if you combine these two with the third and most important ingredient:

Making repeated physical contact

This doesn’t mean that you need to stroke his leg, but instead it means that you need make sure you are touching him regularly (especially when you are both having a good time together) so that he associates good feelings with you.

Once you combine all three, men won’t be able to help themselves from getting turned on just from thinking of you.

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