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How to Tell if your Girlfriend is Cheating


Knowing how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is very important if you want to avoid toxic relationships and getting seriously hurt. Here are the 4 main signs to look out for if you suspect your girl is cheating on you.

1. Distance

The number one indicator that your partner is being unfaithful is if she is more distant than usual. This covers a lot of areas. If you notice that she spends less time with you without a decent reason then chances are she is spending it with someone else (but make sure you don’t take this to an extreme, she might have to study for an exam or work late to finish a project).

She may also be distant physically. Does she not touch you as much as she used to? When you hold her hand, does she usually pull it away soon afterwards? If she suddenly becomes cold physically towards you, then chances you are dating a cheater.

2. Does she act guilty?

If your girl is cheating on you then she will most likely feel guilty. Sometimes women are very good at hiding their infidelity, often though they are not so good. While it may not seem really obvious that she feels guilty, you may notice her giving away tell-tale clues.

Does she cook or clean for you more often than she used to (even though she is around less). The reason for this is simple, she feels bad about cheating on you. She feels guilty about being unfaithful and that’s why she’s doing this for you all of a sudden.

3.Is she suddenly very defensive?

Many girls who cheat obviously do not want to get caught. As a result they sometimes get overly defensive or upset when you do one of two things.

    a) When you start talking about cheating. When you talk to your girlfriend without ever accusing her of anything, does she get angry/upset for you bringing up the topic of adultery? If so then this is definitely a sign she may be seeing someone else.

    b) If you ask her where she was, when she disappears unexplainably does she get emotional and upset, telling you that it’s none of your business and trying to avoid the situation altogether? If so, then you know what it means.

4. Smell?

When you get close to her, can you smell another mans aftershave or even body odour? Why would she smell of another man? I think we both know the answer to that.

While sometimes you may be unjustified in thinking that your girlfriend is cheating on you, if you notice more than just a few of these signs then you most likely have a cheating girlfriend on your hands.

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