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How to Tell if a Guy likes you


Scared of rejection? Knowing how to tell if a guy likes you will pretty much erase that fear. There are a few subtle and not so subtle things that guys will do if they like you.

Spending time with you

how to tell if a guy likes you, does he like me, dating tips, hugging The most obvious and least subtle hint that a guy can give you if he likes you is that he always wants to spend time with you. Obviously you can rule out time he spends with you that is not his choosing. So if he has a project for school or for work that he has to compete with you then don’t take it as a sign that he is attracted to you. Instead you need to look out for times when he CHOOSES to hang out with you. For example maybe he rings or texts quite often to hang out. Or perhaps he leaves messages on your Facebook or MySpace suggesting you do something together like go to the movies or go bowling or maybe he’s even read these cool date ideas.

He is always looking at you

Maybe you are in class together, you work together or perhaps you both go to the same gym. If you
notice him glancing over towards you for no reason more than twice, then you can be pretty sure that he likes you. But always remember that perhaps he’s looking at the person sitting beside you…ouch!
how to tell if a guy likes you, does he like me, dating tips, flirting

Is he touchy-feely

Guys who like you will touch you quite a bit if they like you. So if you are hanging out together, one way how to tell if a guy likes you, is if he touches you a lot. Especially in intimate places. So if he’s touching you on the small of your back or is touching your hands or legs a lot you can take it as a sign that he is attracted to you. Especially if he is more touchy-feely when you are alone together.

Does he tease you?!

This one might sound a little out there, but men, especially confident guys tend to tease girls or test girls to see if they are confident in themselves and like to flirt. They’ll say silly things such as, I like your coat, did your mom by it for you! Or they might say something like, I’m guessing you’re not very good at sports! Although these things may sound a little harsh or mean, they are not intended to be mean. Instead these things a guy will do if he likes you and wants to start flirting with you. The best thing you can do is to flirt back and tease him!

Is he shy/awkward?

So all the previous examples have been situations where a guy will outwardly express or demonstrate that he likes you. However, there is a situation that is almost the complete opposite to the above examples. A lot of girls don’t realize that although some men are very confident, they can also be extremely shy around girls. As a result they often get very awkward when they are around girls that they like or they are attracted to. So if there is a very confident guy that’s always joking with his friends and laughing and messing, but when he’s around you is very quiet and shy and even a little awkward, then you can take it as a sign that he likes you, but is a little intimidated by you.

Remember that just because you know how to tell if a guy likes you doesn’t mean that anything is going to happen. You have to flirt back too!

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