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How to Talk to Girls


Figuring out how to talk to girls can be difficult, but is really key to improving you dating success. Imagine you see a girl that you like, but you don’t know what to say to attract and seduce her.

how to talk to girls, dating tips, seduction, flirtingFirstly, know that girls do not remember everything you say, just like you hardly remember what a girl said to you.

So getting every little detail right for your opening line is putting unwanted extra pressure on yourself.

To learn how to talk to girls requires a little bit of training. Yes, that’s right, you need to train your social skills in order to improve your abilities for picking up and seducing girls. So if you think reading this article is all you need, then you are mistaken my friend. If you are trying to figure out what to say to that one special girl, then my best advice is to practice on a lot of girls you don’t care about first.

By practicing your skills at chatting up and flirting with women, you will get some experience learning how to talk to girls without caring too much whether or not they like you. So be prepared for women to snub you, laugh at you and not pay attention to you. But that’s okay because the whole time you will be getting better at flirting with girls and acquiring new social skills.

So what specifically can I do to make sure the conversation goes smoothly?

Firstly have some good conversation topics to talk about. You can find the best ones in this article on Conversation Topics. That way if there is a pause (or worse, an awkward silence) you will have something else to continue on the conversation to talk to girls, dating tips, seduction, pick up girls
  • Just make sure to always avoid creepy/weird subjects.
Come to the conversation realizing that the girl you are talking to could be very bored. So if can be the guy who grabs her attention and makes her have fun just by talking to her, then you are halfway to seducing her.

If you are afraid of putting in the hard yards now to learn how to talk to girls, then you will be in trouble.

A lot of people think that having a cool car or loads of muscles is what gets the girl. They’re not wrong, but…..

A girl will go out with a guy for a short while if he is really good-looking or really ‘buff’ or really rich. However without the ability to actually talk to girls and have a decent, fun conversation, then they will have a lot of trouble either keeping the girl without her cheating or leaving them altogether for another man.

So while learning how to talk to girls is a vitally important piece of the puzzle, there are many other things you need to get a handle on too. You need to be able to read the signs a girl is giving you so you can tell if she is attracted to you or actually doesn’t like you. Check out this article on reading female body language to find out what you need to know.

This is where Real Dating Tips comes in. We have everything you need right here.

Maybe you want some good first date conversation tips or some funny conversation starters.

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